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closerlook, which two parts? Are you talking about the stitching attaching the quarter to the vamp? If so, you can probably take them to LeatherSoul in Beverly Hills, because this is an Alden quality control problem and they'll send them back to Alden for repair free of charge. I've taken two pairs to them for this problem, only one of which was purchased at LeatherSoul, and they gladly handled both. Last time I took a pair back, the Alden rep happened to be in the store...
Fever Tree tonic and Tanqueray. I've tried dozens of gins and I do like Junipero for (for mixing) and Old Raj (for mixing). As for Q, it's good but I prefer Fever Tree.
Epaulet madras with gin and tonics in Mount Desert Island, Maine.
I own these and cannot recommend them highly enough. Sorry that they don't fit you, but whoever picks them up will be getting a great boot. I suggest swapping out the laces for flat waxed.
Because I have the day off and nothing to do, here is a rainbow of shell for your viewing pleasure. Direct sunlight is pretty harsh; for example, the cigar shell doesn't usually appear so olive, but the blazing sun revealed some green undertones. Nevertheless, this photo may help some folks get a feel for how the most common colors compare. From left to right: Alden color #8 (new) Alden color #8 (old) Alden cigar (new) C&J brown (RL Polo, old) Alden ravello...
Yeah, exact same boot. Adam at Alden of Carmel has been selling the AF53 for a while.
chakmak, if you need more data points on the AF53s from Alden of Carmel, here's my pair at about five years. As beautiful as the Jumpers are, I prefer a commando sole on rugged boots.
To be fair, Alden marketing language frequently refers to "oak bark soles" without explaining that it's a leather tanning process. I can understand why some might think the soles are actually oak wood or bark material.
Alden Semi-Brogues on the Plaza last in color #8 from Leather Soul Beverly Hills. I tried these on last December but couldn't pull the trigger. Amazingly, they still had a pair in my size when I stopped by yesterday. Bryan wanted them out of the shop, and I wanted them on my feet. I almost forgot how good that rich eggplant color looks when new. I didn't realize how brown my old pair of 974 wingtips (on the Tremont last) had become until I laid them side-by-side.
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