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Howard Yount's lightweight summer offerings, like the nailhead and tropical wool trousers, are terrific and I'm not aware of a similar product from Epaulet. HY flannel trousers are great, too, but the nod goes to Epaulet for more interesting fabrics. My blue flannel trousers from HY get a lot of wear in the winter, but I don't get psyched to put them on like I do with my electric blue-speckled navy marled trousers from Epaulet. HY fit is similar to Epaulet's Walt, and it...
Speaking of Crockett & Jones, here's the Seymour for Frans Boone. My first pair on the 337 last - I dig it.
I originally preferred the LHS, and gave a pair of whiskey ones over year before acknowledging that the Van last is just miserable. I still like the way they look but prefer the C&J for RL full strap loafer.
Have you checked out the ones by Howard Yount? They're $350 but still the best deal on decent monks. There's only 7.5 left but he may do another run this fall.
The Japanese khaki chinos have the best shade of khaki I've seen and I wear the hell out of mine. These and the gunmetal chinos should be staple items to have in stock year-round.
Thanks for the input guys. The super casual suit with sneakers look was actually inspired by the j.crew catalog, not styleblogger (god forbid). This was shot Saturday afternoon, and the night included a bike ride to dinner, then to a second location for drinks, then home at the end of the night, and I was happy with the SeaVees' performance. I do agree that there's too much break, and I think this is because the shoes have no heels. I had them tailored for no break with...
It's a Ludlow linen 2 button jacket. Part of a suit, actually, which it looks a little too formal for the rest of the fit. I'm 5'11" and about 160 lbs, wearing a 38R.
If you need something dressier, get a balmoral shoe.
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