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I've actually asked about this before, but all my lighter shell shoes develop dark gray or black streaks along the creases. I have tried using damp cloth, extensive brushing, and Saphir Renovateur, but nothing lifts out the grime. I have chalked it up to Los Angeles air pollution, combined with miles of outdoor walking to and from work. So far, this theory is supported by the fact that shoes I've acquired since starting a new job to which I commute by car exhibit none of...
Whiskey plain toes with a few miles on 'em.
After work. Sid Mashburn mohair suit Ralph Lauren Black Label tie Brooks Brothers shirt Howard Yount pocket square Alden whiskey plain toe shoes
Yeah, I've got 3 pairls of RRL denim and 1 pair of officer chinos, and they've all required heavy tailoring, from the seat to the hem, to get a good fit. Great material though.
msg, try ebay. I bought a pair of Persol 649s from seller louthbird, and they were well below retail and appear genuine. Otticanet is a good seller, too.
Speed hooks catch on my trouser hem all the time. My hems ride up onto the hooks when I sit, and when I stand they pull pretty hard. It drives me nuts, and though I haven't actually ripped any seams yet I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later.
I've been posting in this thread since page 5 and I have no idea where the weird uncle/nephew dynamic came from, only that it's been around a long time. I assume it's one of those message board phenomema which is hilarious if you happen to observe its emergence in real time, and which is just weird and inexplicable if you weren't there at the moment of creation.
I really liked last year's cowichan featuring a bucking bronc on the back. This year's indigo aran cardigan is beautiful, but when I went to check it out at the Melrose shop I was shocked to learn it wasn't wool but cotton (or maybe a cotton-linen blend, can't recall). It lacks the taut springiness of a thick wool sweater. Instead it has that unpleasant flaccid weight that I associate with cotton sweaters. The deep indigo color really is something else though, and it's...
wj4, that is a great look for a University of Virginia football game. The patch pockets on that blazer could easily accomodate a flask of bourbon.
Is there some reason why all the groomsmen must wear the same suit? I was in a wedding last summer for which I had to purchase a j.crew khaki chino suit - even though I already owned a much nicer Ralph Lauren Black Label khaki chino suit. Most of the groomsmen never even took theirs to the tailor, and their comically long sleeves and unhemmed trousers looked as as bad as rentals. If you look at older photos of wedding parties, the mens' suits rarely match, yet they look...
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