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Help me understand sizing for these new 16oz Baldwin jeans. They're sanforized, so they won't shrink much, yet the tagged size 32 measures out to a 35" waist? I'm a 32 waist, so I take a 32 in, say, all of Epaulet's trousers and chinos, and a 30 in APC NS. What's my Baldwin Reed size?
Yeah, I do have the cigar LWB, and the edge trim was a selling point. I know Unionmade does a similar crepe sole model - who's the third?
I'm torn between the frans boone cigar plain toe models. On the one hand, I love the all day comfort and kick-around nature of the crepe soles. On the other hand, I love the variegated antique edgetrim of the leather soles. Crepe sole, bad lighting: Leather sole:
+1 on herrmj's Plaza sizing advice. I'm an 8.5 Barrie and 9 Plaza.
Nice, I like all the blue tweed I'm seeing this fall. I'm amazed it fit perfectly off the rack - you must have crazy long ape-arms. In my experience they're always too long in the sleeves, kind of like the way raw denim is always too long in the inseam. You can always take them up to the correct length, but you can never let them out if the fabric isn't there to begin with.
shadykay, Ludlow sportcoats fit me pretty well, but I can't say how they would fit on you. Quality is acceptable for what they are, which is a mass-produced mall brand item. Value is a more subjective question. As j.crew keeps using nicer material and raising prices, other brands like LBM 1911 or Boglioli start becoming reasonable alternatives, as do smaller labels like Epaulet and Howard Yount, both of which will have some nice stuff this season. However, there is...
The charred forest trousers are amazing but I've been moving towards a general uniform of blues and grays. I've still got a few pairs of vibrant pants, like pink twill and racing green canvas Walts, but aside from a couple khakis all my trousers now fall somewhere on the spectrum between light gray or pale blue to navy or charcoal. Of course, I just decided that grape flannel can be also be slotted into this rotation.
Howard Yount's lightweight summer offerings, like the nailhead and tropical wool trousers, are terrific and I'm not aware of a similar product from Epaulet. HY flannel trousers are great, too, but the nod goes to Epaulet for more interesting fabrics. My blue flannel trousers from HY get a lot of wear in the winter, but I don't get psyched to put them on like I do with my electric blue-speckled navy marled trousers from Epaulet. HY fit is similar to Epaulet's Walt, and it...
Speaking of Crockett & Jones, here's the Seymour for Frans Boone. My first pair on the 337 last - I dig it.
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