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I've gotten so used to my new Rivet routine - launder, iron, tailor - that I repeated the first two steps with my new petrol blue Walts last night before remembering they were dry clean only. I think I fucked them up. They're a little tight in the top block now, and I may have actually burned them with the iron. Damn this summer head cold! It has made me so stupid.
If I'm a medium in the Naval sweater, can I assume I'm a medium in the Stark as well?
Tassels did a longwing with #8 pebble grain shell a couple years ago. So awesome. I dig balmoral wingtips too - these 974s were my first-ever pair of Aldens.
My first three would be: Shortwing balmoral, color #8 Plaintoe blucher, cigar Longwing blucher, whiskey I appreciate the Leisure Handsewn loafer love, but I find the Van last unwearable and prefer both the last and shade of brown shell used by Crockett & Jones for their Ralph Lauren loafers. My current top three are: Medallion captoe balmoral, color #8 Longwing blucher, cigar Wingtip boots, ravello I just picked up a pair of snuff suede chukkas on a crepe sole from...
While we're talking restocks, I missed out on the olive moleskin trousers last winter. Will another run of those be coming around again this fall? And here's an x-post from WAYWT featuring my only Epaulet shirt, Pure Blue Japan denim and Alden for Leather Soul brown chromexcel captoe jumper boots.
Those are definitely an early iteration of the Leather Soul plaza wingtip boot, which are likely not in stock right now. I think the most recent run was released last December in cigar and natty chrome. They come up from time to time on B&S, but if you want them now your best bet is J.Gilbert, as mentioned above.Here's a shot of brown chromexcel jumper boot from Leather Soul:
I've actually asked about this before, but all my lighter shell shoes develop dark gray or black streaks along the creases. I have tried using damp cloth, extensive brushing, and Saphir Renovateur, but nothing lifts out the grime. I have chalked it up to Los Angeles air pollution, combined with miles of outdoor walking to and from work. So far, this theory is supported by the fact that shoes I've acquired since starting a new job to which I commute by car exhibit none of...
Whiskey plain toes with a few miles on 'em.
After work. Sid Mashburn mohair suit Ralph Lauren Black Label tie Brooks Brothers shirt Howard Yount pocket square Alden whiskey plain toe shoes
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