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I have a Technics SL-1210 mk5 turntable and a Cambridge Audio 640C CD player running thorugh a Marantz 2325 to a pair of A/D/S L-810 speakers, and I'm very happy with my setup. However, sometimes I can't be flipping records and just want a long playlist in the background. How can I play my iTunes library through my home wifi on my stereo? Is there a piece of equipment that I can run into my integrated amp that I can sync with my laptop over wifi?
Iron Heart 634S denim. Very little wear, no washes, very slight fading. Great jeans, but the cut doesn't work for me. Tagged 32W, unhemmed, but little red Iron Heart sideways "W" removed from right rear pocket (see photo). Suspender buttons added at Stronghold in Venice, CA, which is where the leather and canvas suspenders were purchased (I'll throw them in free if you're willing to pay my full asking price of $200). Suspender buttons are not visible when wearing a belt....
You don't state the size, but I infer that these are size 9, and you're selling because they're true to size and you need a 9.5. Is this correct?
Nice kicks. Why are the photos identical to those in this thread? Are they the same shoes?
I own the LWB in cigar and whiskey, and I prefer the cigar right now. It's far more versatile. I bought the whiskey version first, though, and wore it hard for years. amftx, what exactly is a "dover" PTB? Is it the stitching attaching the vamp to the rear quarters? That's the only difference I can discern between the standard PTB and the one described as "dover" sold by Unionmade.
If anyone's looking to unload a pair of plain toe Marlow/Darltons in size 9D, PM me.
I agree about the LA sales staff. I was shopping for a Boglioli sportcoat there last month, and though the size 40/50 fit okay in the body, the shoulders seenmed too large. I requested that they transfer a 38/48 from the NYC location so that I could compare and confirm my correct size. I had to actually pay for the 38/48 up front to execute the store transfer. Though it was refundable if I decided not to take the jacket home, it seemed rather onerous and off-putting. Not...
This is the view of the Standard from my office. I'm going to try to make the trunk show.
When I emailed her on Sep.6, Adele responded saying they would ship mid to late September. I'm pretty sure that's what they've been saying all along. A week ago, Mike said the end of September.
I agree that the Ludlow lapels are absurdly narrow. It's odd because what could otherwise be a good staple suit or sportcoat is reduced to a trend piece. On the other hand, I think the low button stance is actually good. The top button on a two-button jacket hits right at my natural waist, about 1.5-2" above my belly button. The button stance is higher on a lot of trendy labels, but I don't like it higher for three reasons: (1) it eliminates the flattering V-shape the...
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