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jreigen, thanks for the clarification. I've struck that portion of the post.
Disco Volante, they're about 7 years old.
fitchottie, I'd say it's normal for Alden. It's true for about half the Alden blucher boots & shoes I own, including some ravello boots and suede longwings.
For your consideration is a pair of lightly worn black wholecuts with medallion toe and channeled soles, handmade by Grenson for the "Stuart's Choice" line from Paul Stuart. These were purchased several years ago at the New York store, when Stuart's Choice was the top of the line option. They appear to use the same last, medallion, and craftsmanship as the current top of the line "Ltd. Edition" option - see this balmoral, which currently retail for almost $1500. As you...
[[SPOILER]] These are the only black boots I've ever wanted.
Alden for Leffot Ravello Day Trippers. Great shell, great boots.
shoetree, of the three whiskey option you listed, I think the longwing blucher is the best. I've owned both the longwing and plain toe in whiskey, and though I sold the plain toes, I've still got the longwings. I've seen the whiskey shortwing in person and I think it looks weird. #8 is a much better color for that model. In fact, the first Aldens I ever bought were the 974, and they're still going strong:
These reverse chamois Alden (from Winn Perry) have only been worn with denim. As you can see, there is some indigo staining where the hem of my jeans rubbed against the boots, but it's only visible in full sunlight and at eye level. On my feet, it's not noticeable at all.
Yeah, I embrace denim stains as a species of patina.
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