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Current favorite suede Aldens: snuff Indy for J.Crew As for snuff vs tan, I prefer snuff by far. As with Alden's shell options, suede color varies slightly from from batch to batch. Snuff can range from reddish brown to more of an olive hue. Tan, though more consistent than snuff, can range from a pale khaki to a faintly yellowish sandy color. Here's a photo of all my suede Aldens. I tried to capture the color as accurately as possible via white balance, so there's no...
January 2010: PBJ xx-005 one wash, size 31, no alterations. I'm 5'11" and 155lb. October 2014: inseam hemmed to 32" and legs tapered from knee down to 7.25" opening at hem.
FYI, jcrew.com has apparently adopted airline-style dynamic pricing. I had been repeatedly scoping out the Barbour Lowerdale quilted vest online, waiting for a sale. When I got an email about the 30% off sale this weekend, I logged on to see if it applied to items I'd added to my "wishlist" on the site. Not only did the sale not apply to Barbour, but the price of the vest had apparently increased overnight from $179 to $208. I suspected that jcrew.com was tracking how...
When viewing "recent images in this thread" (see right sidebar, near top), is there any way to sort the grid view images so that the most recent appear first? Whenever I click on that option in a thread, it displays pictures from, say, 2011, and I have to scroll down through several years of photos to see what people have been posting recently.
This is the most handsome Indy boot I've ever seen, and I've been browsing the Alden thread since 2008.
Crosspost from WAWYT because RRL cardigan & denim:
Here's mud in your eye. [[SPOILER]]
Feels like summer already. [[SPOILER]]
Quick question: when wearing a gingham check shirt with a suit, is a button down or point/spread collar more appropriate? It's a casual look and a button down seems reasonable, but I associate button down collars almost exclusively with solid white or blue oxford shirts.
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