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I don't usually tailor shirts but I just took the plunge and tailored a single-vented Gianni Campagna 3-roll-2 navy blazer with ticket pocket and gold buttons. Had the sides taken in and the sleeves slimmed for $100. So, tailoring costs plus acquisition cost of $12.99 got me a $5k SC for $112.99. Still a pretty good deal. Next up is a cashmere Fernando Caraceni gun-club check SC.
SOLD!! Thanks!!
Yes, the donor obviously appreciated the more subtle offerings from Hermes. Which I, in turn, appreciate.The Carroll & Co. SC is pretty nice. Made by H-F or Samuelsohn, I believe. My size but not really my style.The G-1 is goatskin. In near mint condition. The mouton collar is flawless. $13.
Some items of my recent excursions:Sport CoatsZegna 15MilMil15 blue plaid wool SC; double-vented; sz 50R (US): [[SPOILER]] St. Andrews checked wool SC; double-vented; sz. 46R (US): [[SPOILER]] Carroll & Co. plaid wool SC; single-vented; sz 40R [[SPOILER]] ShirtsTruzzi x3, RLBL; size 15Loro Piana, Pink, H Hilfiger x2TiesHermes [[SPOILER]] Paul Smith (cashmere), Prada, Hawes & Curtis [[SPOILER]] Battistoni, Isaia (7-fold), Wilkes-Bashford [[SPOILER]] ShoesBB Peal, made in...
^^^ I've got an orphaned pinstriped suit jacket with that blue script label. Horn buttons, double-vented, high quality, made in USA. It's my understanding this label was the precursor to RLPL.
Anderson & Sheppard corduroy suits! Wow. Sick.
Great jacket! Nice pattern!
SOLD!! Thanks!!
Not the Dior you're looking for but not necessarily fake either. Check the tags. Manufactured in Argentina? Dior has licensed the brand in South America. Those clothes have the silver "Dior" label but "CD" on the lining. Quality is decent but this is not the "true" Dior of current vintage or the Hedi Slimane era.
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