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Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I may or may not have gotten a good deal. With my luck I'll probably get burned, but we'll see. It's a huge gamble but I couldn't resist. Anyone have any idea if big movie studios (Paramount, Fox, CBS Films...) buy fake/counterfeit goods for their wardrobes? I purchased a Patek Philippe watch from a place that sells movie wardrobe pieces. Only had one bad photo. Looks like it's white gold with a black croc band....
Quote: Originally Posted by catside What size are the sportcoats? Pics? I may be interested, purchase or trade if they fit. No pics, unfortunately. One was a navy blazer, size 42R, gold buttons embossed with owner's initials; another was grey with faint blue windowpane, surgeon's cuffs, seemed to fit me (generally, 40R), but the back under the collar bunched up (maybe my back isn't as broad or built-up as the original owner's?),...
Nataku, the shirts were 17.5.
Two mother lodes today: Carroll & Co. made in England sportcoats (double vents, surgeon's cuffs, etc., pick stitching) and, at a separate spot, eight or nine Borrelli and Isaia shirts. Unfortunately, all were just a shade too large for me. Rotten luck but did help to keep hope alive. Picked up three ties: Aquascutum, Harrod's and Rex Men's Shop (Beverly Hills Hotel); and a Lorenzini cream-colored linen shirt. ETA, Nataku, those boots certainly look like elephant to...
Nataku, nice Luccheses! If not hippo, might they be elephant? I have a pair of elephant boots that look very similar.
That's funny. I remember Stanley Blacker from 25 years ago as being relatively decent. Even now, at one of my thrifts, the same stylish, double-breasted navy blazer catches my eye every time and it's Stanley Blacker. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix 3-piece tweed suit, thrifted for $8. Getting enough length out of the trouser legs will be a close call, but it was worth taking a chance on. Wow, that looks really nice. Who's the maker?
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Thanks! I really couldn't quite believe it! Unfortunately, they are about two sizes too large for me so I will be selling them. I am relatively content with the AEs I'm wearing today, but I have to say these Tricker's are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen.
Tricker's wholecuts. Harrow model. Barely creased. In fantastic shape. Sorry for the crappy BlackBerry pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by lynch_king has any body ever seen this? ~PAOLO~ DESIGNED BY PAOLO (P/G) GUCCI on the label of a tie? what is it? its Gucci but is it a diffusion? There are a few Gucci family members who had their own lines. This Paolo Gucci line is not associated with the Gucci label, but is designed by a member of the family. A quick Google search will yield tales of Borgia-like intrigue, including hired killers. ...
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