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SOLD!! Thanks!
Orgetorix, nice thrift fit! Well done.
GMMcL, nice thrift fit! Love those double-monks!
Cool finds. Can't wait to contribute to this thread.
If you're talking Polo Country, that is definitely not a pass. Just sold a $6 sweater for $100 on eBay.Vintage Polo Country and vintage RL stuff with Native American prints sells very well. Re: the latter, I also sold a sweater I bought new 20 years ago for $250.
Other:BBBF dinner jacket (40US) [[SPOILER]] Alexander McQueen SC (38US) [[SPOILER]] Oxxford custom navy blazer (~44R) [[SPOILER]] Recent Zegna; dual vents; flat-front (40US) [[SPOILER]] BB Silver Label (St. Andrews) double-breasted suit; dual vents; double-pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Z Zegna peak lapel black patterned SC; dual vents (42US) [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit; dual vents; double pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit; dual vents; double pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Canali...
Some pants:Prada; Rag & Bone; Rag & Bone; Loden Dager [[SPOILER]] Jil Sander; Aquaviva; Loro Piana; Dries Van Noten [[SPOILER]] Mason's JFK khakis; PRL linen; Etro rust cords [[SPOILER]] Dries Van Noten; Gucci; Z Zegna [[SPOILER]] Helmut Lang cargo pants [[SPOILER]]
Shirts:Battistoni x2 (17)Borrelli (17); Brioni linenRobert Talbott Estate Bespoke; BelvestArmani; Bonobos; BB Extra Slim OCBDPendleton woll NWT; McNeal OCBD (German-made, Hansderhund?)MMM; Michael Bastian linenBilly ReidSome recent ties:Turnbull & Asser; Romeo Gigli; Kilgour, French & Stanbury; Turnbull & Asser (cashmere) [[SPOILER]] Stefano Ricci; RLPL; Robert Talbott 7-fold; Hermes [[SPOILER]] Brioni; Saks; Louis Vuitton; RLPL [[SPOILER]] And ascotsAnd a belt. $5....
eazye, nice fit. Love the blackwatch and I've never seen perforated PTBs before. Very nice.
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