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This tag seems familiar to me but I can't quite place it. This suit was made for a store called Cairns in Paris.Any guesses?Thanks. [[SPOILER]]
Very late to this party, but awesome ride, Spoo. Congratulations. Nataku, those are ridiculous finds. I hope you're able to realize a steep profit on the pieces you don't keep. Brianpore, that formal rig is perfect. Very nice. And, finally, I think there were some names being tossed around earlier but, really, there is only one. Rakim.
SOLD!! Thanks!
SOLD!! Thanks!
Orgetorix, nice thrift fit! Well done.
GMMcL, nice thrift fit! Love those double-monks!
Cool finds. Can't wait to contribute to this thread.
If you're talking Polo Country, that is definitely not a pass. Just sold a $6 sweater for $100 on eBay.Vintage Polo Country and vintage RL stuff with Native American prints sells very well. Re: the latter, I also sold a sweater I bought new 20 years ago for $250.
Other:BBBF dinner jacket (40US) [[SPOILER]] Alexander McQueen SC (38US) [[SPOILER]] Oxxford custom navy blazer (~44R) [[SPOILER]] Recent Zegna; dual vents; flat-front (40US) [[SPOILER]] BB Silver Label (St. Andrews) double-breasted suit; dual vents; double-pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Z Zegna peak lapel black patterned SC; dual vents (42US) [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit; dual vents; double pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Zegna suit; dual vents; double pleats (40US) [[SPOILER]] Canali...
Some pants:Prada; Rag & Bone; Rag & Bone; Loden Dager [[SPOILER]] Jil Sander; Aquaviva; Loro Piana; Dries Van Noten [[SPOILER]] Mason's JFK khakis; PRL linen; Etro rust cords [[SPOILER]] Dries Van Noten; Gucci; Z Zegna [[SPOILER]] Helmut Lang cargo pants [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: