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Price drop.
^^^^ That sounds like a Navy SEAL pin to me. My advice is not to wear that. Especially if you live anywhere near a Navy base. A real Navy SEAL would not take kindly to someone appropriating their insignia. Even with the most innocent of intentions.
These are the TRICKER'S wholecut HARROW model in BLACK with a beautiful perforated toe design. Size 12.5UK, 13US. This is very supple black leather and a beautiful beveled sole. Made in England. Measures 12.75" heel to toe and 4.5" at the widest point of the sole. These shoes are in excellent condition, with only a small scuff on the left toe that is barely noticeable and easily polished out. $145 shipped -> $135 shipped -> $125 shipped Link to more...
Has anyone seen this magazine on the newsstands in the U.S.?
[quote=Nataku;4005052]Please guys, when you're out there and you see something you know people on here will want (Isaia, recent Zegna, Borrelli, Brioni, Attolini, Oxxford....etc), please grab it to sell/trade on here to find it a good home rather than let some greedy flipper get their paws on it. Ok. Great point. If there is any interest in these, please pm me. http://img210.imageshack.us/g/img1432zm.jpg/
Over the last couple of days: 1 Loro Piana red linen LS shirt 1 Saks Fifth Avenue yellow linen LS shirt. Both have thick MOP buttons. Anyone know who makes these? A blue-grey Bobby Jones wool casual blazer with patch pockets. This is not a StyleForum-approved label but the construction seems nice and it will serve a (manufactured) need for a casual jacket to wear with jeans. A Purple Label tie, light grey plaid. It had some sort of oil stain on it but it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith If those were the vintage version (suicide heel is the simplest indicator) then you could have an instant double-your-money flip. Triple with a little patience. "Suicide heel"? Is that the v-cleat? What is the deal with that thing and why does it have such a dangerous reputation?
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin If they say "Imperial" or "Royal Imperial" on the inside, and have green stitching inside, you have found something nice. I've seen a few Imperials recently. Last night a brand-new (old stock, I presume) walnut pair of longwings at GW. Unworn. $49.99. Not my size and I have shoes very similar, so I passed. Curious, why are the Imperial models better than other Florsheims?
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 As we have just learned, I have a soft spot for navy blazers. That Brioni is sweet! The one thing I do not find much of is nice shoes. Those PRL shoes would count as my most epic shoe find. Outstanding! Thank you. I guess I have an abundance of navy blazers as well. Over the weekend, I bought the two pictured and a third by Corbin. It is a heavier-weight wool and had been sitting in the store for the...
Weekend of safari wear. BB Shirt from GW and old-school BR jacket from another thrift. Also, three navy blazers. Two pictured here are old-school Brioni and an Aquascutum made in Canada. A couple of ties - Status and Rene Chagall; quality seems decent enough, but don't know anything about either brand. And, a pair of PRL captoes made in England. Assuming, by Crockett & Jones? Water damage on the left cap but for $10, I figured I could live with it.
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