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I was "raised" (in the style world) to think of silk knots as appropriate only for black-tie. Is that wrong?
Wow, those Florsheims are awesome! Not keeping them? What size are they? Very cool. PM sent.
^^^ Seconded. Dyeing shoes? That sounds interesting. Never thought about it before. Cost? Pics?
Price drop.
^^^^ That sounds like a Navy SEAL pin to me. My advice is not to wear that. Especially if you live anywhere near a Navy base. A real Navy SEAL would not take kindly to someone appropriating their insignia. Even with the most innocent of intentions.
These are the TRICKER'S wholecut HARROW model in BLACK with a beautiful perforated toe design. Size 12.5UK, 13US. This is very supple black leather and a beautiful beveled sole. Made in England. Measures 12.75" heel to toe and 4.5" at the widest point of the sole. These shoes are in excellent condition, with only a small scuff on the left toe that is barely noticeable and easily polished out. $145 shipped -> $135 shipped -> $125 shipped Link to more...
Has anyone seen this magazine on the newsstands in the U.S.?
[quote=Nataku;4005052]Please guys, when you're out there and you see something you know people on here will want (Isaia, recent Zegna, Borrelli, Brioni, Attolini, Oxxford....etc), please grab it to sell/trade on here to find it a good home rather than let some greedy flipper get their paws on it. Ok. Great point. If there is any interest in these, please pm me.
Over the last couple of days: 1 Loro Piana red linen LS shirt 1 Saks Fifth Avenue yellow linen LS shirt. Both have thick MOP buttons. Anyone know who makes these? A blue-grey Bobby Jones wool casual blazer with patch pockets. This is not a StyleForum-approved label but the construction seems nice and it will serve a (manufactured) need for a casual jacket to wear with jeans. A Purple Label tie, light grey plaid. It had some sort of oil stain on it but it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith If those were the vintage version (suicide heel is the simplest indicator) then you could have an instant double-your-money flip. Triple with a little patience. "Suicide heel"? Is that the v-cleat? What is the deal with that thing and why does it have such a dangerous reputation?
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