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Ha. Haven't been there for years. The last time was about six years ago. Shaq was in the house.
I've been to a few parties at the Versace house. It is . . . opulent. And by that I mean ridiculously overwrought.
capnwes, love that purple tweed! Nice!
capnwes, that's your thrift room?! Wow. I have one too but mine consists mostly of plastic bags full of clothes I've forgotten I purchased. Now that you've shamed me with your organization, I have a garment rack I need to assemble.
Nataku, nice ties!
The "Genuine Shell Cordovan" on the sole is identical to the lettering on the sole of my Hanovers. The faint interior stamp doesn't match, though. Maybe a different Hanover model?
+1 on the PRL. I've got several of those PRL unstructured jackets (in both light and heavy cotton) and they are well-made and fit me very nicely OTR. If I didn't have those, plus another brown corduroy jacket, I would snag that one immediately.
"Don't want to leave lawyering"?Does not compute.
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