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SimonC, nice.
^^^ Agreed. Others may not be able to specifically identify the difference between a suit with a natural shoulder and their Mens' Wearhouse fare, but they will notice that something is "off".
Recently:Sport coats:Canali linen SC; double-vented, 46R [[SPOILER]] Canali patch pocket navy SC; double-vented, 40R [[SPOILER]] Zegna navy SC; double-vented, 40R [[SPOILER]] Shoes:AE Kenilworths, size 10.5 [[SPOILER]] BB Shell loafers, size 10 [[SPOILER]] Barker Black, size 8UK [[SPOILER]]
What is a dry socket?
^^^ Lugs on cowboy boots? Yuck.
If it's just wrinkled, a light steam should get it in shape. If you don't have a steamer, hang it in the bathroom when you shower.
And don't take that Hermes to the cleaners. It will be soundly destroyed.
That suit is awesome! Did I miss the size? Yes, it's Chester Barrie. Very nice. I think you have mixed up forward pleats and reverse pleats. RL, thankfully, does forward pleats almost exclusively. Forward pleats are where you slide your hand from the top of the zipper to the outside of the pants and your hand catches in the fabric. Reverse pleats are the opposite and what most US and Italian clothiers use.
$48! (Price includes shipping CONUS!) PRICE DROP!! -> $38 -> $30 -> $27 -> $25 PAUL STUART Sport Coat! Size 43!! Content: Has always felt like Silk to me, but there's no content tag. Beautiful tan pattern! Two-button! Single-vented! Made in Canada! Good pre-owned Condition! Here are the measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5" Pit-to-Pit: 23" Sleeve length: 24.5" Top of collar to bottom hem: 32"
$125! (Price includes shipping CONUS!) PRICE DROP!! -> $115 -> $100 -> $90 -> $78 -> $70 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA Sport Coat! Size 46US! 51% Silk / 49% Cashmere! Beautiful light gold with faint blue overplaid!! Three-button (3-roll-2)!! Double-vented!! Made in ITALY! Great Condition! Here are the measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 19" Pit-to-Pit: 24" Sleeve length: 26.5" Top of collar to bottom hem: 34" Thanks for looking!
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