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A few ties:Prada, Armani NWT, Armani, Zegna, Hilditch & Key [[SPOILER]] Stefano Ricci, Prada, Valentino NWT [[SPOILER]] Pink, Turnbull & Asser, Dior [[SPOILER]] But . . . . [[SPOILER]]
Ha! Well said. I love it.
Recent shirts: Barba, Barba, BBBF RLBL, Brunello Cucinelli, Finamore Zegna Couture, Zegna Pink, Pink, ZegnaSport Stephen Kempson linen, NWT; Yohji Yamamoto Burkman Brothers, APC Helmut Lang; Jack Spade NWT M (available) Levi's Europe M (available), Levi's Two Horse Barba, Isaia, both 17, available Charvet 16/41 (available), Hilditch & Key 16/41 (available), Baldessarini Boss RLBL, RLBL 16.5 (available), RLBL 16.5...
Sartoria Attolini suit 44R; Super 150s; two-button; double-vented; ticket pocket; flat front pants [[SPOILER]] Isaia suit 46R; Super 100s; two-button; double-vented; flat front pants [[SPOILER]]
Found a Fay coat for my daughter over the summer. I had never heard of them either but the quality seemed very high. A quick Google search yielded a pic of Madonna wearing the same coat, which retails for about $1,100. Mine was $20.
mercuryman76, sweet pants! And not a pleat among them. Nice. eazye, that RLPL is insane! Wow. Spoo, those recrafted shoes look great. Can't wait to see what they go for. Speaking of recrafting, anyone know if BB recrafts their shell loafers? Any chance recrafting includes footbed/insole?
Depends on the job. Agents wear dark suits. Period. If you're going to a major studio, you should probably wear a dark suit. If you're interviewing at a network, couldn't go wrong with a dark suit. You've got to remember, most of these entertainment companies are part of multinational conglomerates where the big kids wear suits. When I interviewed (for a senior position that didn't even require me to wear a suit), I wore a charcoal suit with faint pinstripes. Hugo...
Why would you not? Plenty of black cowboys. On the other hand, it's tough for any non-cowboy to pull off the western shirts, big belt buckles, boots, etc., all at once. Might be a bit harder if you're black.
I have several robes - terry, silk, wool. One of my favorites is a red stripe-on-stripe shawl-collared silk robe with fringe on the belt. Upon examining it, my six-year-old said "No offense, dad, but did you buy that in the women's department?"
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