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G&G have always been more focused on RTW being the main business model, the bespoke was an output for Tony to be creative with new designs and make a splash in the industry. The MTM gave clients some opportunity to be creative at a lower cost but it slows down the RTW production. The money is going to be on mass sales of RTW and they need to make an awful lot of RTW to keep their shop running smoothlyI doubt they phase out bespoke or MTM altogether
I just took a look at my G&G Balmoral Brogues, they were made seamless. The first pair to be made like this I believe
Great job done on those G&G's
Not from my observations, however i am no expert. We do have some experts on this forum so perhaps they can educate us
I ordered a gator loafer in each colour, it would be rude not too
You actually went to one of the sauna / knocking shops ?, good on you
I think you will find they are all Gator not Croc. Gator is better quality
I wasn't expecting him to actually go. I was trying to be humerous
If you realy want a cheap place to stay and you are travelling light and you can find somewhere to stash your bags, late evening you could go to one of the saunas around Jordan/Yau Ma Tei area. Stones throw from CKM, you can get a massage, fuck and then stay in there afterwards in a room for a sleep, all for about HK$ 400. You can have a shower in the morning I know people that do this in Macau also. Its way cheaper than getting a room, but you can only really get...
Sorry no room at the inn at this time
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