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Quote: Originally Posted by tazmaniac You honestly weren't able to find a single thread or post on this topic using search? No, I wasn't able to find anything that directly answers my question (hence the thread). Perhaps you could post a link if you know of one that does?
Can someone please explain, in detail, the difference between "Made to Measure" and "Bespoke" when it comes to custom made suits and shirts?
As the title states, I am looking for a good drycleaner that will not damage my clothes. I mainly need the drycleaner for dress shirts and casual button up shirts in brite colors. Everywhere I've ever gone, they have damaged the buttons of my shirts or used starch even when I explicitly told them not to, ruining the feel of my good shirts. I live in the Frederick, MD area and work in Columbia, MD, so anywhere in either city or in between would be good. I would even...
Change pocket.
I like them but I don't like the purple laces they have there.
Yeah that list doesn't even have the top 2 offenders. 1-Old crusty guy who walks around naked in the locker room unneccessarily. 2-Guys who constantly explain to huge muscle dudes that they are "doing it all wrong."
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk ^Because who in the world would want to look like a guy who stuffed Monica Lewinsky? [I'm a big fan of Clinton as a president, but I wouldn't consider a positive sex symbol...] Bro, women are nuts about Bill Clinton, albeit not to the level they are over the Kennedy's.
I have never dated a single mother before and probably won't ever. This is not to say that it couldn't possibly happen, but everything else about the girl would have to be perfect and this would cause her to lose a lot of points in my eyes, for a number of reasons. Just think it through man, you know that there is a distinct possibility that this will blow up in your face. Is there anything special about this girl that you won't be able to find elsewhere in a girl who...
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I'm 24. Woman my age LOVE it when I wear a suit, and often request that I wear them more often. Lol, we've all seen the way you dress and while it apparently works for you, I don't think it is proper for the average college student out there. I don't doubt that it's more appropriate in your line of work in the music industry though.
Here's my take, and I just turned 25 and was finishing up undergrad 3 years ago so I will take it that not a whole lot has changed since then. The majority of guys were into the AF/AE look with popped collars, distressed jeans, ect. We also had a few "suit guys" who would dress up for no apparent reason just to go to class. I think the answer is probably something seperate from the two. I worked at a Nordstrom while in college and had to wear a suit or sportcoat/tie to...
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