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WOW!Come Spring!!!!That's awesome!I did not expect UV radiation to have so dramatic effect.
Monkey boots are awesome, but in my mind they do not fit the TOJ look at all.
Zip boots or something like PS/Triumph Daytonas...meaning sleek bike boots with both zips and laces. Allows a lot of adjusting to have a very close fit.
I'm sure it would...
This is far from being over conditioned yet. I'd not add any more oil at this point, but wax...yes. As said, I have taken it veeeeeeeeeeeeery easy with the oil. Only one thin coat of mink oil applied so far. Wax balsam is now applied, and this will be the final coat for now. Yes, I brush it quite a bit now, but do not intend to do that much in that future. I feel it helps the breaking in process a bit, but I might be wrong here.
I promised to shut the hell up about my adventures in VTG treatment...but I can not. The thirst of the material is uncanny. Now that the previous treatments have sunk in pretty well, I have a problem. It's raing here like 24/7, so I got pretty wet today. Water is not a friend of this stuff in its unsaturated form, so more stuff going in. Next run is going to be Belvoir leather balsam. Excellent beeswax based stuff that penetrates leather very well. After this application...
Anything but this if you wish to wear it one day mate.If you do not believe me, google "gun holsters and vegetable tanned leather".Only part of this jacket I might ever consider intentionally watering at all is the tips of the collars.
My last poast on the VTG treatments. After few days of wear some of the squeak is returning. Just applied two coats of mink oil. Did not eliminate the squeakiness like lotion did. Did soften the material a bit though. Now, the colour is light beige. I'd say that from now on, this jackets needs wear, wear, wear and some more wear. UV light would be great too, but it's middle of the fucking Winter in N.Europe! So, wear it will be until Spring is here.
Really stiff root brush usually meant for brushing rugs. Nail brush would do nicely.
Aye, it does. Lotion, good rub and brushing...90% of the squeak will be gone.
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