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I bought something like 10 pairs of Viccel socks. I'm quite pleased with them, and when you factor in the cheap price, these are a fantastic deal. They are on the thin side, and being pure cotton, they are very breathable. I've been wearing cheap socks made out of synthetic material for so long that these felt quite nice. Customer service was also very good. They check in on you and make sure that you are happy and that your order got to you ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt 20% Discount for StyleForum Members Wow, you just made a good deal irresistible. I just went and ordered up a storm. Very nice website, by the way.
Has anyone seen or tried Schott's "Slim Fitting Peacoat" ? It comes in Khaki and black. From the picture of the black one, it looks like that there is some waist supression on it. http://www.schottnyc.com/wool-clothi...ol-peacoat.htm Then there's also this one from Pendleton. From the picture, you can see that it has front darts, so presumably it's got a slimmer fit. Only one picture on the website...
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