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I don't: while we did attend service during my developing years, my preferred social environment was school and I began adapting to that and thinking in terms of utilitarianism, so I ascribed value to those things before I ever began thinking in terms of scripture or fitting in at church. I chose pretty early to eschew memorization, and it's difficult to rationalize things in terms you don't remember and that don't naturally come up without the intervention of others. It...
Alden? 10.5d prz?
Getting pretty excited to see Boris again with Russian Circles this summer. I swear I listened to Geneva at least twenty times during finals week. Check out Medusa - en raga sul Moanaa - st ep
It's hard to work this type of music into the queue... it's just not that conducive to getting work done (with a few exceptions). Some recent listens: Lantlos - Lantlos Indian - The Unquiet Sky Harvey Milk - Life... the best game in town
If you're into fantasy, you should check out George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. It's not yet completed, but I like it more than any other fantasy I've read. Finishing various things previously mentioned, starting Russell's Philosophies of Atomism, Logic and Mathematics, and Denoting from a few volumes. Also, Logicism and the Philosophy of Language - Arthur Sullivan. Not required for a class I'm taking, but I'm a philosophy noob, and as a math student it...
I'm sure it's pretty fotm, but I've been listening to Real Estate a lot lately. They're playing in March with Woods; it's going to be a good show. For how much I like hip-hop, I've been listening to Wale - The Mixtape about Nothing a lot too.
Someone stole my ipod touch at our new year's eve party. I miss it a lot. Also, I got assigned to teach the Monday-7:30 section of college algebra this semester.
The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy - Lawrence Freedman, which is very interesting. Before this, The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick.
Leviathan - Tentacles of Whorror is pretty rad. Also, saw Shrinebuilder with Yakuza last month. It doesn't exactly belong here, but they were both really good if you're into stoner/doom.
Caspian - The Four Trees Fen - The Malediction Fields Do Make Say Think - Other Truths The new DMST kicks ass, as per usual. Fen are a black metal band, I think(?)... , kind of melodic, would be much better sans the clean vocals. Caspian are post rock. Also been listening to Shrinebuilder, an amalgamation of members of Neurosis, Sleep/OM, and Melvins. Kick-ass stoner metal; going to see them in Chicago. ^_____^
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