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I did a post about my project here
any black smiths coming soon? 29
awesome sounds good.. i might see how much they stretch this week and then give that a try if its too much thanks
just picked up some PBJs fro BIG. Just did a warm soak and the length is perfect. The waist feels perfect now but if it stretches much they will be too big..... so can i hot soak just the waist area to shrink it down to account for stretching?
how would weird guys compare to these other jeans and cuts? Im looking for something with a little more taper. apc new cure ep's by epaulet thanks
any one know of some books i could look into. specifically ones pertaining to the making of clothing and the process. how cut and sew products are made, shoes... etc...
i am not actually in it for the money at the moment. hopefully later down the line it could pay off. i have a very genuine interest in clothing, i just have no knowledge/experience in its production. For right now, im trying to have a few pieces made for me and my crew to wear and spread word.
i am the very beginnings of starting a clothing line, and have ideas for crewneck sweat shirts (grey), Basic t shirts and some custom new era hat ideas. I can find sources for these raw materials, and hopefully screen printers/embroiderers to help. If i want to get into making my own dress shirts, cardigans, and even possibly denim one day. how would i go about learning how to get this done. do these type of items get made overseas and then embroidered in america...
anyone know how these would fit compared to a N&F weirdguy cut? im interested in these, and am looking for a slim fit, not skinny jean.
i like this jacket but its to expensive. Anyone know of one similar? Or any other suggestions for a heavier jacket? Thanks
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