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Hello, I apologize in advance, I did a search but did not find an answer. My question is do you put anything on your shoes when you first get them. I just purchased the JCrew Alden Tobacco waxed long wings. Should I put anything on them prior to wearing? What color creme should I use after?
I have been looking for a short wing on the barrie last. I want them in cigar or #8, anyone know where I can find them. I may even special order.
I definitely want the khaki and charcoal. I just need to figure out if I am a 32 or 33 waist
When are getting new shirting.. Any black?
i wear a 50 in all other Geller. Will this fit??? Is it slimmer than the other stuff?
this is the only worn pic I have. I am going to the beach now, so I will try to throw something together later, but dude, just get them and wear them hard for years and years.
Arrived Today, straight from Roden. I love them. If anyone is considering....Get them. They are amazing. The pair I received have the best distressing I have seen yet.
size 9
How do you check if your on the list, i think I am
Mauro, what is the latest on the W+h service boots?
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