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This morning's new arrival. Buckle Boot in Chestnut, Roo Leather and Brass Screwed Sole Have been wearing Macquaries recently, but thought I would switch to Buckle style and the squarer toe. This is the Chestnut, and Black shortly on order... Some observations - - no where near the fit of the normal boot, but I love the style - as I opened the box, I imagined I would see a lighter richer brown, and almost different color hues as per previous pair... but, this pair is...
Is that the lady who used to be in 'V' ?
Is Craftsman currently available in Claret?
ivory/cream seem to be an overlooked colour, but I find this is a very versitile colour going well with blue - charcoal - mid grey - light grey - taupe - brown and black coloured suits after checking a few sites, problem is I cant find any real top quality slim fit dress shirts in this color
Hi Interested to hear whether anyone has any experience of these. I have been looking at their website today and can see their Black Labels are c$300 and Purple Label +$400; so price wise they're on a par with my current stock from Emma Willis bespoke, although its not immediately obvious what the differences are between the two labels Tez
OK, what about these instead? http://store.dolcegabbana.com/dolce_gabbana/item/tskay/9F93F567/cod10/44338287BM
The missus wants to treat me, but I think they look a bit pricey http://www.forzieri.com/usa/product_view.asp?l=usa&c=usa&dept_id=75&sku=me43118%2D023%2D02&nc=1# p.s. I am 37
Just found the page with some posts of pics including Stockman, Macquarie and Craftsman http://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know/2355 - The new Macquaries are definately less sleek than my previous pair. Even the brown Stockman look sleeker in the toebox - Nice to see the claret. A real fav colour of mine - but bootsonline tell me RMW wont manufacture in that colour - Them Brumby boots were awful!!!
@Marka888 - amazing that you said this, because I'm also convinced my Macquaries are not as sleek as my first pair. Like you've said about the toecap...I think mine look rounded and bulky rather than narrowing and to a slight point
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