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i laughed a little
Im on Vacay right now, but something urgent came up and I needed a spanking brand new suit. So I flew in some tailor that lived in California. He was good and new his stuff, but he seemed kind of idk.. He said since you're going to be going to a party, I suggest you buy an Ultra Layer for your suit. I've never heard of this, and i have around 100 suits, with appx 40% Bespoke. He said it is literally invisible and if something spills on your suit, it wont get messed up,...
do you have a link?
i really like the Mercedes AMG Package. I did a test drive this past week and it was amazing. Im looking at the S Class AMG Package It's at $200,000. It's pretty fast and it is like a Luxury Sedan, so I can drive 3 people around in it. Holds for a comfortable ride, but can really kick it up. And there is the Lamborghini. The dream car. Id love this car, but I dont know if Its really for me. Im not a celebrity or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mannix Clothing and accessories that have designer logos all over them....most times they are expensive for inferior quality and not pleasing to the eye. e.g. Gucci gucci is good quality broo..
That's one ugly tie knot. Ruins the whole Bespoke feel to the outfit.
pERfect for just chillin or idk.. perfect for everything.
Ok. So you all (stickonatree is the exception) made me look like an idiot. I'll probably see you Saturday on Fifth Ave. Im high as hell now. gotta hate a lonely new years eve
thought the one of the left was fake; the y seems to be too far from the rest of the letters.
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