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I like the clean style. It would be nice if they made one like this but in all leather.
PMed about the red jacket
Why are the tags ripped/cut off like that?
Yeah, unless it's Derby Day and you're in the expensive seats, most of the other people there will probably be somewhere around the level of oversized Nascar t-shirts, wife beaters, and trucker hats
I love the pants with ribbing in the leg holes
I like New Balance for running shoes. I stayed away from them for a while because they don't score very high on style points, but as far as functionality I think they're the best. If you go into one of their stores they'll have the full range of widths and levels of support to suit how you run. Spending more money on a good pair makes a huge difference
Anyone know where I can find round, clear-framed sunglasses like Leon wore in The Professional? I'm having a hard time locating something like them.
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