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Wow, thanks for the read.
It's all mental... I smoked for 12 years straight, and finally quit a couple weeks ago. No patches, drugs, or any bullshit, just a mental decision and a book I found on Amazon (Easy way to quit smoking by Alan Carr or some shit)... I'm so glad I finally stopped, and never plan on having another smoke.
Good to hear they're not giving up on the upper line(s) - two of my favorite pairs are from the Rose collection.
Mind measuring the dimensions? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Athlete218 what would you say is better quality? J. Crew University or Schott? Pretty sure Schott >>>>> J Crew.
Just an update, looks like they restocked most sizes in all the colors except khaki.
Threedifferent has 30% off their F/W Boglioli stuff til this Friday:
I've ordered twice from Aussiebushhats, very friendly service.
Howard Yount has some sterling silver bars for like $35 I think.
I have a black face with a perforated black leather strap. White looks good too.
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