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I have a black face with a perforated black leather strap. White looks good too.
Pretty awesome pictures, settings did you use on your SLR?
That glen plaid is purdy, I'm tempted.
And you can get Lewin shirts for less than $40 a piece at the current sale if that coupon works, I got 5 for less than $30 a shirt including shipping.
Ordered 5 with the code today, can't beat the price for some work shirts and the slim fit fits me reasonably well.
Quote: Originally Posted by CutandSew That's a recent Zegna tag. Ah alright, thanks for the clarification
Is this made by Caruso? Measurements would be nice as well.
where to kop?
Funny, I ordered right around Chinese new years/ their moving, etc... didn't hear a peep, credit card got charged a few weeks ago, still no confirmation or email, and then the shirts showed up yesterday. Hopefully they're settled from their move and the online orders don't suffer quite as much as they apparently have been.
I just put in my first order with them, including a button down - hopefully it arrives soon so I can comment on fit, I'm a small as well.
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