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where to kop?
Funny, I ordered right around Chinese new years/ their moving, etc... didn't hear a peep, credit card got charged a few weeks ago, still no confirmation or email, and then the shirts showed up yesterday. Hopefully they're settled from their move and the online orders don't suffer quite as much as they apparently have been.
I just put in my first order with them, including a button down - hopefully it arrives soon so I can comment on fit, I'm a small as well.
"fitted GQ look"? Go to Wal-mart and buy some clips for $1.99. Seriously though - Maybe J Crew? DKNY and all the other stuff you mentioned is pretty much crap.
Very nice, I have my eye on a pair of brown suede Tetburys to go with my brown suede RMW's, I wear them with just about anything.
I think "excellent" might be a stretch... looks like corrected grain, inelegent lasts... but if 60 quid is your price point give them a shot and post the results?
Gah, already got a couple but I can't help myself - I'll take a 14 if there's any left.
Looks like you might like Varvatos' aesthetic.
Francisco, it was around $320 or so USD, depending on the exchange rate - to get them shipped to the US from Australia, that and a 2 month wait heh.
Cross-posted from the RMW thread. Suede MTO Craftsmen, natural finish on sole/heel.
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