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Mind measuring the dimensions? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Athlete218 what would you say is better quality? J. Crew University or Schott? Pretty sure Schott >>>>> J Crew.
Just an update, looks like they restocked most sizes in all the colors except khaki.
Threedifferent has 30% off their F/W Boglioli stuff til this Friday: http://threedifferent.com/online-clo...glioli-man.asp
I've ordered twice from Aussiebushhats, very friendly service.
Howard Yount has some sterling silver bars for like $35 I think.
I have a black face with a perforated black leather strap. White looks good too.
Pretty awesome pictures, settings did you use on your SLR?
That glen plaid is purdy, I'm tempted.
And you can get Lewin shirts for less than $40 a piece at the current sale if that coupon works, I got 5 for less than $30 a shirt including shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: