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Quote: Originally Posted by ELG sorry about that. Well played, sir.
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodbottom Okay, so what is the difference between a "Sartorialist" and a "non-Sartorialist" when it comes to looks? Google is an amazing tool, use it.
Ridiculously short.
If $120 is mid-range to you I'd hate to see a low-end suit.
I'd definately go for a Benjamin over those other two... full canvas, nice construction and materials and you'll be supporting a member of the community.
Quote: Originally Posted by misc92 No because the shoe he suggested is ugly in essence. Rip the logo off the first shoe, it will still look as good, on the other hand add the logo to the second shoe and it will still look fugly Go away.
Man I found a partner for Reevolving on my list, thanks!
I knew I shoulda jumped when I had the chance - if someone is a 9 UK you can pick them up here for about $150.
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