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Placed one around christmas time and have not received it yet.
Fastest Jantzen order to date, I was shocked. Might have to give em another shot soon to see if this was a fluke. Order Jan 4th - 3 shirts from the extrafine range Email from Ricky telling me about a fabric out of stock, responded same day Jan 10th Response from Ricky Jan 12th Arrival to me (USA) Jan 25th Edit: Also noticed they updated their buttons, my last shirts from a year ago or so had all the same size MOP buttons even for the gauntlet, etc. Now they have the...
St Arnolds makes some good stuff - sad that I live in Houston and haven't taken the tour.
I wish it was a joke, but I have a feeling this guy is for real.
Quote: Originally Posted by ELG sorry about that. Well played, sir.
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodbottom Okay, so what is the difference between a "Sartorialist" and a "non-Sartorialist" when it comes to looks? Google is an amazing tool, use it.
Ridiculously short.
If $120 is mid-range to you I'd hate to see a low-end suit.
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