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I'd definately go for a Benjamin over those other two... full canvas, nice construction and materials and you'll be supporting a member of the community.
Quote: Originally Posted by misc92 No because the shoe he suggested is ugly in essence. Rip the logo off the first shoe, it will still look as good, on the other hand add the logo to the second shoe and it will still look fugly Go away.
Man I found a partner for Reevolving on my list, thanks!
I knew I shoulda jumped when I had the chance - if someone is a 9 UK you can pick them up here for about $150. http://www.threedifferent.com/online...fers-woman.asp
Wow, thanks for the read.
It's all mental... I smoked for 12 years straight, and finally quit a couple weeks ago. No patches, drugs, or any bullshit, just a mental decision and a book I found on Amazon (Easy way to quit smoking by Alan Carr or some shit)... I'm so glad I finally stopped, and never plan on having another smoke.
Good to hear they're not giving up on the upper line(s) - two of my favorite pairs are from the Rose collection.
Mind measuring the dimensions? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Athlete218 what would you say is better quality? J. Crew University or Schott? Pretty sure Schott >>>>> J Crew.
Just an update, looks like they restocked most sizes in all the colors except khaki.
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