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I'm confused.. can you just say something like "top row, left to right..."
Good to know, going to drop by after work and pick some up in person then, can't beat $8 per shoe tree.
Our favorite menswear chain, Jos A Bank is having a buy 1, get 2 free for everything in the store - which means you can get shoe trees for $25 for 3, plus whatever shipping/tax is I guess. Pretty hard price to beat IMO.
The three different pairs I've acquired all have different lasts.
If I wasn't a broke ass new home owner, maybe - haha. I also work at an engineering company in Texas so even wearing Loakes is comparable to over dressing.I compared the churchills to a pair of Radleys from the Rose line that I have had for a couple years - the shoes are very, very similar visually - medallion and brogue-ing is literally identical, but he lasts are slightly different and the Churchill's are on a completely different planet as far as leather quality and...
Got the churchills in brown, they are beautiful - I should have gotten the cognac at the same time. Now I know how large the gap is between the current Rose and masterpiece standards.
I've bought from them on 3 different occasions and have had no problems. I did get taxed on the last order for cotton/linen suit a few months back when UPS dropped it off.
Got 10 pairs for about $82 shipped, dug through my deleted emails and found the stp dealflyer thingy with 25% off and free shipping for orders over $100.
I bought a pair of glasses from them about a year ago, didn't have any problems, they did take a little while cause they shipped from HK I think.
Just a FYI, that's now a TM Lewin shirt in the pic that's a CT
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