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Definately a M, a S would be way too tight.
It's all Woodlore, so quality is good.
Pretty insane, picked up a couple shirts and stuff just to try out, can't beat $12, I'm sure we'll see some HF stuff here or on ebay in the next few weeks resold.
Nothing blew me away this time around in my little feet size, I abstained - still haven't worn some of the stuff I bought last time! lol
Mine arrived too, there's some color variation in the shell, especially in the toes so I'm giving them a vigorous wipedown and brushing. Enjoy guys!
Excellent, looks like my shoes shipped as well!
No problem guys, hope people get what they want. I have a sneaking feeling this "VIP" code was only sent to a select few so RL might be surprised at how many people are using the code - hopefully they don't start cancelling orders. I'd get any purchase I was planning in asap before they take the code down, since this wasn't really a public sale.
Just a FYI, it's 50% off regular items, 40% off sale items Code: VIPRLRGB Free shipping as well, just picked up shell Marlow wingtips in my size for about $430 including tax. Get em while they're hot! UPDATE: Looks like is is dead, orders probably not going to be processed either. Bummer.
Yeah got the oxfords in round one and then the balance second time around. Thanks
Some damage from Ron's PS clear-out recently: Back Row L-R: Mystery Italian woven PTB, Marc Guyot Ghillies, Grenson Oxfords Front Row L-R: Grenson chukkas, Grenson slip-ons, Grenson specs. Excuse the lack of proper shine on any of them
New Posts  All Forums: