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Judging by the pictures of the sole they are nicer than the Rose collection shoes I have, closer to MP specs - though we won't know until someone gets a pair up close and personal.
Just tracking # information. I think I paid less than $30 shipped for 2 shirts and 2 sweaters... lawl.
It went from store wide B1G2 to just clothes B1G2 + free shipping. If they did store wide + free shipping their cedar stuff would get emptied out even worse. As far as the Hickey stuff, yeah I received emails from hickeyfreeman.com for my multiple orders so someone probably got crapped on for that one.
Definately a M, a S would be way too tight.
It's all Woodlore, so quality is good.
Pretty insane, picked up a couple shirts and stuff just to try out, can't beat $12, I'm sure we'll see some HF stuff here or on ebay in the next few weeks resold.
Nothing blew me away this time around in my little feet size, I abstained - still haven't worn some of the stuff I bought last time! lol
Mine arrived too, there's some color variation in the shell, especially in the toes so I'm giving them a vigorous wipedown and brushing. Enjoy guys!
Excellent, looks like my shoes shipped as well!
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