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My tan addison 2nds from STP had a spot on each shoe where the leather was discolored, but after some wear and a couple LP treatments I could care less - everything else is fine. They aren't on the same level as the brown cxl rockfords that I just got but I paid about twice as much for 'firsts'. The new cxl feels very different to the predator or whatever leather was used for the tan shoes, much less 'oily' I guess?
Getting close to 1 year, almost at 180 now @ 5'9, up 30 lbs from my skinniest, 15 lbs from my skinnyfat stage, still mid teens bf% so I'll probably tackle that once I put on some more gainz. Squat 320x5x3 Bench 195x5x3 OHP 130x5x3 DL 350x5 The hardest part of the pull seems to be locking out the top, that's where I start failing at the latter reps, should I supplement some rack pulls maybe to concentrate on that? Still running GSLP so pulling 1x a week squatting...
I started using a belt recently for squats, even though I'm only doing 3 plates it helps alot with me tending to lean forward. I got mine from best belts (??) I think - really good quality - but it took a couple weeks for them to ship it out. Check em out if you're looking for a belt.
Wow my shoulder mob is bad, it's like chariy with 25 lbs less muscle.
A sink and some detergent? lawl
Put on a little weight. I pretty much eat paleo + dairy - so no grains or beans - rice once in a while with sushi, corn tortillas a couple times a week when i go balls deep on some breakfast tacos, etc... I'm over 5'9", 170 which is the heaviest I've ever been, just eating more. BF is either constant from when I was 165ish or probably a bit lower. Will probably try and clean up a little more and hit 175+, see where that takes me. Feels good. I stopped SS and deloaded,...
Yeah... if you're gaining 3 lbs a week and lifts aren't going up 2.9 lbs of that is fat.
Soaking takes care of most of the problems people have with the skins I think. I add a little salt for flavor - just seasoning. Makes me want to go buy a big ass bag of almonds and make some almond butter.
For all you guys noming on raw almonds, I'd recommend soaking them first - soak em in salted water overnight then dry them in the oven at like 150 - takes care of the phytic acid and gut irritants so you can eat more of em without jacking up your gut.
That is a huge plate or you are 4 feet tall.
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