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Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Nice collection You got alot for what you spent. I would love to get those Grenson chukka boots. Thanks, I've always liked shoes, it just took SF and alot of web browsing to start pointing me in the right direction. Quote: Originally Posted by william Both those Grensons look great! Do they seem to be well made? Comfortable? I haven't worn them yet, it's been...
Lurker here My recent (past month or two) shoe damage, I did a renovation of my shoe collection and threw out a bunch of old junk, starting to build it from scratch pretty much except for sneakers and a few casual shoes. Browsing ebay and finding a couple good deals online. Very simple compared to most of the stuff I see on here, but I'm poor and we all started somewhere Church's Ryder III in midnight blue suede - very very dark, hope it lightens up a bit with...
I had to do a double take to see that it was listed under the Mens section.
If I bot a jacket like that I'd have to bi some Gucci sneakers and Rock & Republic and/or True Religion jeans and a studded belt to go with that. Seriously though, look into the streetwear forum for ideas.
I think the EG's and Lobbs are going to be several times your $200 ballpark lol
You could do alot better for $200...
Flat front, no cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by yerrow the color of the box means nothing, just because its in the purple box does not mean its a Purple Label shoe, and the purple boxes are all crappy and are beat up Nobody was inferring that Stantons were RLPL - since they're obviously "Ralph Lauren", but people were discussing what boxes these came in earlier in the thread, along with other details. Thanks for that gem.
Quote: Originally Posted by oaw01 Shit that's fucking ugly. Why do guys want to look like a chick. I think the point isn't the tightness or "femininity" of the jeans, it's that his man junk is there for all to see - he won't be mistaken for a "chick" anytime soon.
I just received the pair I picked up a pair off ebay when I saw them pop up for $130 BIN from GVH, in black. They came in a purple box that was pretty beat up - lovely shoes for the price though.
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