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I think the EG's and Lobbs are going to be several times your $200 ballpark lol
You could do alot better for $200...
Flat front, no cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by yerrow the color of the box means nothing, just because its in the purple box does not mean its a Purple Label shoe, and the purple boxes are all crappy and are beat up Nobody was inferring that Stantons were RLPL - since they're obviously "Ralph Lauren", but people were discussing what boxes these came in earlier in the thread, along with other details. Thanks for that gem.
Quote: Originally Posted by oaw01 Shit that's fucking ugly. Why do guys want to look like a chick. I think the point isn't the tightness or "femininity" of the jeans, it's that his man junk is there for all to see - he won't be mistaken for a "chick" anytime soon.
I just received the pair I picked up a pair off ebay when I saw them pop up for $130 BIN from GVH, in black. They came in a purple box that was pretty beat up - lovely shoes for the price though.
Pictures? If the leather itself is in good shape you can try to do what people on here are doing to shoes - strip down the finish completely and then dye it.
Neutral? Anything else will change the color - unless that's what you're after.
RM Williams, Clarks desert boots
This still available?
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