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Spit is used for the same reason water is, but spit isn't good for leather because it contains salt so over time it can dry out the leather.
Well I just picked up a pair of Sergio Rossi bluchers, for $11 shipping they're sending it UPS 3 day, so I think that's more than fair for S&H in my case.
Oh nice, going to put myself down for a couple pairs.
Are those Sanders corrected grain? They look a bit shiney.
Yeah I don't know what I'm going to do for replacement when I wear them down - I'll have to talk to the local cobbler once I get them.
Lovely, I ordered a whiskey craftsman with the screwed sole a week or so ago - going to see if they can do the natural edge like that, think it goes great with the lighter color.
I bought a couple of belts recently from - prices are very reasonable, and the bridle leather is excellent. Wouldn't be my first choice for a "dressy" belt, but for more casual needs the quality/price is excellent. Don't know how much he charges to ship to the UK though if that's where you're located.
Halo? We're talking about shoes here. Go away troll.
Just ordered a pair of whiskey craftsman MTO's with the screwed brass sole, hopefully I'll see em in about 6 weeks.
People still wear Diesel?
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