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I usually give them some conditioner and polish, it won't hurt and I'd like to think it helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by LTM Yes they are closed. I was in '5 Percy St' today getting some polish and was told that production for MTO resumes at the end of Jan, the wait after that being 4-6 weeks . It is the summer holidays here and there are a few public holidays after xmas so quite a few SA factories customarily close for a couple of weeks. I notice they do a zip up, lace up ankle boot and a derby type shoe these days. The highlight was the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM I think the screwed soles give you a much sleeker and elegant look, but they are not really less "casual," as there is nothing formal about the lacking welt, they just look better. It's hard to get the screwed soles replaced in the USA (if anyone knows where they can do it, please let me know) so I went ahead and had my bushmans topy'ed. I wear my craftsmans and will wear my incoming stockman buckle boots without...
Interesting color, I'll take em - probably have to take in the waist a little but that's fine at this price. Paypal? -Sean.
My Grensons look like that too, I got the Radleys I think (semi brogue) and I've worn them probably close to 2 dozen times and the creasing is so minute, definately one of my favorite shoes.
I got my whiskey craftsman mto's a week or so ago, finally got around to wearing them today and I already put a little scuff on the toe haha. Fit is great and I love the screwed sole, we'll see how they look after a few wearings and conditioning/polishings.
I got the Ash from Shoebacca, it's a double sole pebble grain blucher.
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Dont be daft !!! I think you got that part covered.
Spit is used for the same reason water is, but spit isn't good for leather because it contains salt so over time it can dry out the leather.
Well I just picked up a pair of Sergio Rossi bluchers, for $11 shipping they're sending it UPS 3 day, so I think that's more than fair for S&H in my case.
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