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Went for a pair of the GATs, I'm sure the tennis would be equally great but I have a pair in Saddle that I'm still breaking in - color would be a bit similar.
Picked up some socks and a couple Sunspel polos. First time ordering from UM, fingers crossed.
Those boots aren't shell... color 8 just refers to the color.
Got my henley today, bit too thick for the weather here now we're creeping up to the 80's already (Houston), going to have to wait til the fall to get much wear. The screen printing does not like the raised texture of the fabric. Fits good everywhere but the sleeve length for me, I'll just roll em up a little.
I'm getting shipping added on the pre order shirt, is that an error?
Thanks gentlemen They're alot lighter than some of my other boots, though they did gain a little weight with the commandos.
Here you go. Quick snaps with the phone, the flash turned on but I'm too lazy to break out the real camera hah.They've been through 3 trips to Europe and have seen their share of s**tkicking. I like the patina though.
I'll get a couple tonight after work Duck.Well I mean.. they're not Lobbs but they are one of my go-to boots for travel and kicking around. Not getting any sort of response after multiple emails irks me more than the money.
Well, I recently got a pair of 1K's done with a commando sole. Communication was prompt and he emailed/called me to let me know they got the boots and when they were shipping. Unfortunately, when I received them I noticed a pretty big flaw in the welt stitching. Emails have gone silent so I'm going to post up here for an opinion. I know I shouldn't expect perfect factory work but the stitching here slipped to the side of the sole. I'm sure it won't fall off or...
It was a promo for ordering the shirt, I remember receiving an email about it.
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