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New blog post up explaining some Italy stuff. I have a few of the tencel blend shirts - very soft/airy/comfortable, I'd say not that durable though, one of my older ones is sort of pilling a bit - especially along collar/cuff edges, only ever cold washed and hung dry. I'd have reservations about its long term durability if it's put to heavy use.
Then don't buy it? It's not like he doubled the price on the bamboo shirts, the material is much more expensive and that plays a huge part. You're also dealing with super small batches of stuff, there's plenty of designers charging $80+ for a cotton tshirt that they probably make tens of thousands of, not 40 or 50.
Shirts are up on the site this morning, few linens and misc patterns as well.
Nice. Wish my office IT department were half as fast hah
Trying to do the payment for the trainer balance but it's showing up as the full price.
I snagged a grey blazer in 38 almost as soon as they went up this morning, didn't see a slim in either size but I figured I'd need some tailoring anyways so I'll give it a shot. Also looks like the chinos have arrived so I got a shipping notification for those as well.
Went for a pair of the GATs, I'm sure the tennis would be equally great but I have a pair in Saddle that I'm still breaking in - color would be a bit similar.
Picked up some socks and a couple Sunspel polos. First time ordering from UM, fingers crossed.
Those boots aren't shell... color 8 just refers to the color.
Got my henley today, bit too thick for the weather here now we're creeping up to the 80's already (Houston), going to have to wait til the fall to get much wear. The screen printing does not like the raised texture of the fabric. Fits good everywhere but the sleeve length for me, I'll just roll em up a little.
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