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Sorry if I missed it - any idea when the chinos are going up for preorder? People complaining about the change in RW pricing.. come on, if it's been years and you're sore about $75 you might be in the wrong place.
Just adding another note that I answered assuming the prices were for reward members, not 'retail'.
Yeah you're absolutely correct on the exposure, need to mess with it a little in lightroom since it's raw.
WvG in Iceland - Indigo henley and Italian denim project. Just got home on Monday so I'm starting to go through my images and realized I was wearing all WvG in this photo. Probably have a bamboo tshirt under the henley as well, brought those as base layers.
Went for a pair of the GATs, I'm sure the tennis would be equally great but I have a pair in Saddle that I'm still breaking in - color would be a bit similar.
Dark burnt orange/pumpkin?
All my stuff fits as expected based on measurements. Got the denim last night and it's a touch snug in the hips (damn those squats) but I'm sure they'll loosen up a touch, everything else is spot on.
Just got a couple boxes from USPS. Unbelievable fabric and great fit on the chinos, definitely great value at rewards pricing and absolute highway robbery at the sale price.
$35 chambrays, had to pick one up along with a couple other things. Wool shirts look great but I would only be able to wear them for about 1-2 months a year down where I live.
Picked up some socks and a couple Sunspel polos. First time ordering from UM, fingers crossed.
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