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whats the point of the carlyle? i'm debating about buying a pair to wear very casually with jeans/buttonup/blazer
Saw two fitzgerald suits at the brooksbrothers in downtown nyc that fit me. something like 1200 for both. Navy and Grey. I'm wondering if there are other suits I should look at in that price range/style before I pull the trigger. Thanks.
anyone wear the williams as an alternative the the alden longwings?
I actually bought them for 200 with a fortyoff coupon code. I think they raised the price once I bought them too. Decent price?
jcrew slim fit...or bonobos...
I don't know what field you're going into, but if you want to fit in, and look some what respectable, a tumi leather briefcase is the way to go. Probably not what you're looking for though.
Yeah I have a bunch of outlier stuff. The pants are super technical softshell stuff, which is as legit as it gets. They aren't really meant for long days in the pool, they're just a little too thick, but if you want something to walk around in all day, get some exercise, then go for a quick dip and be dry soon after, these are a good choice.
Should I buy these? : I'm a late twenty something, need a pair of shoes I can travel with that can take me from work to play, maybe with a suit, maybe chinos, maybe jeans. These look cool. Thanks.
My large, sweaty feet are getting disgusting from wearing leather all the time. Does anyone have a suggestion for a type of non-leather shoes I can wear with slightly faded jeans, a button-front shirt and a gray or navy blazer? I've been wearing grey new balances, but I want something a little less casual. Thanks.
Look into cafe racer jackets, the standard of which is schott.
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