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Do you honestly not know where Chechnya is at all? It's not in the desert and it's not on the beach.
Alright, I don't think we emotionally overreacted to 9/11. Probably did in every other way. Boston is still fresh. You won't catch me giving a fuck about L.A. either. I pass a lot of time there. I'm not a fan of the police in a few neighborhoods I know, but I won't condone Dorner. I'm just not liking the poll here.
Start over. Do you mean militarily or emotionally? We have not reacted militarily... actually, be a peach. Just go back and rethink how you want to phrase this whole thread.
Thanks for reassuring me, rublev. What kind of name is rublev, anyway, rublev? CHECHEN?!
I agree that Alex Jones is tool, actually I don't think that is a strong enough word for him but since you edit out the profanity from my posts when quoting them anyway, I'll save you the time. 'False Flag' events aren't that uncommon and can actually be useful in situations where action needs to be taken but it would be to the benefit of your nation not to be seen as the aggressor. I don't get in to 9/11 conspiracies or even really anything I can't view through the...
He's in custody. You can all thank God that these were not actual rebels from Chechnya. The death count would have been astronomical.
You mean 'non-"domestic"' violence?I got your ass again, you son of a bitch!
Yeah... I wonder what's on after this.
I'm with you, but this guy probably should have made sure the boat he was climbing into was actually in that water.
Not to sound like a broken record here but, a getaway boat is not a getaway boat without water. That's day one shit.
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