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The SeaLab reprisal on Archer the other week wasn't that funny but it did make me miss it.
Ah, no. The media can't really force feed you anything. Especially if you just shut your mouth.
Also, what kind of guns were they using that they could hold off that many cops? Where are the guns? How did they get them? Where did they get them? Shouldn't they at least know something just from all the holes in the cop cars? I don't know maybe there will be another press release tomorrow. It's only really been 36 hours but this type of info usually comes out much faster.
Yeah, even if he asked not to be named or didn't want publicity... that doesn't mean a fucking thing to the media or the internet. Are there no pictures of his car? I've seen a Mercedes sedan (FLMM posted pictures of one with a 'Co-exist' sticker on it) but not the SUV reported in the news. I guess they also had a Honda Civic? How did that all work anyway? Which car were they in when they got in the shoot-out and the younger one drove through a cop car barricade and...
What happened to the guy they carjacked, told they were the marathon bombers, drove around with for a while and then dropped off unharmed? Is that all they said to him? Shouldn't he be getting some ink in the press?
Alright, let me know when the Aborted Fetus Olympics are on.
Uh... are you talking about me? I'm not apologizing for anything. Late term abortions can't swim or climb. Sorry."She said Dr. Gosnell told her “the baby is big enough that it could walk to the store or the bus stop.”"Mmmm... yeah. I just don't buy it.
Those men peddle in ridiculous flavors of bullshit. Don't bite, you'll get shit in your mouth. [[SPOILER]]
The Maine blew up as a result or poor ship management-we blamed it on the Spanish. The Gulf of Tonkin was the result of false radar inages-we blamed the Vietnamese. Obvious manipulation of information, at least. If you don't agree with that then the giant dirty cock is going to get you.
New Posts  All Forums: