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Any chance of a red 'thumbs down' option? Would save a ton of bandwidth. Please, consider the haters.
I've only ever read one review of them and I don't remember if it was blog, tumblr or forum-so that doesn't help. I do remember that it was from someone that knew what they were talking about and were a little embarrassed to be so impressed with a shoe at that price range. A little snobbish but it was likely coming from someone that considered themselves a shoe snob. For that reason i have had the Yoox Cerbero page favorited for well over a year now in case something...
I am not trying to freak anyone out here but, I am unable to make the text in my signature as big as it should be. Only lets me go up to '3' and three, needless to say, is not enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel At the moment, grizzlies are encroaching more and more into polar bear habitat and sometimes hybridizing with the polar bears. First well-documented, modern case was in 2006 ( White fur, brown patches killed and verification of hybridization came after extensive study. Was apparently unexpected that it happened in the wild even though it has been...
Got tickets to see the Sounders v. Galaxy for the US Open Cup at Starfire Stadium in Tukwila on Wednesday. Unfortunately all amateurs are knocked out, Sounders beat Kitsap County Pumas last week and Galaxy beat the LA Blues recently too. Heard Landon Donavan is back and David Beckham is off the injured list, so I might have a chance to shake my dick in their faces after Freddy Montero makes them both his bitch. Oh, Keller and Jaqua... now the post is finished.
A misunderstanding. Sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by handipeter A conspiracy theory is a fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by exceptionally powerful and cunning conspirators to achieve a malevolent end. According to political scientist Michael Barkun, the appeal of conspiracism is threefold: First, conspiracy theories claim to explain what mainstream narratives cannot. They appear to make sense out of a world that is...
I am so sorry for your loss and I would love to hear a few stories about your mother, I am sure that I'm not the only one. *Deleting sig for a few days as it is crass in light of posting in this thread Not here, here we talk about pants* *If you know what I mean. cough.Dulce Mountain.cough
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel What if she is his maid? Fair bunkum. Otherwise, NOT APPLICABLE.
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