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I don't know how I just skipped over this?! Could you please name these "corrupt socialist countries" that people are fleeing? Are these people impoverished, ignorant, pledging fealty only to the country they're trying to escape and leftist (which, I assume, they're also trying to escape)? If you have time to draw parallels between these "corrupt socialist countries" and what you call the progressive (Democratic, liberal, etc.) party in the US it would be appreciated.
That was all delightful, a lot of good material there. Can we start with your last sentence though? "The wealth and power that comes from being more equal than others"? This is the one that you said was important "above all", yes?I mean the content here runs the gamut from applying Ayn Rand ideals to liberal thinking (generally a no-no), to paranoia to just batshit insane. I like it all, I mean that seriously, but, lets start with that last sentence.You're crazy...
Complaining that things should be more like they were 50 years ago is a pretty sure sign of being politically irrelevant in the modern world. Ironically, many of the countries you demonize share your passion for regressivism. I'm not suggesting you move to Yemen however, isolation and simplicity can be found on communes and Amish settlements right here. Hell, you could be a full-time historical reenactor.
So those would be wealthy, English-speaking, patriotic American, conservatives? I'm guessing you're not on-board with the new Republican diversity outreach agenda?I hate to be the one to tell you this but, you're just not going to last in this country. You're not a good fit.
Do tell me more about our demographic balance.
My mother worked with Annabelle Stehli and the Georgiana Institute for several years in the early '90's and was a key player in bringing Auditory Integration Training to the US. I still see Annabelle and Georgiana every year or so and they keep me updated on all the latest in the field, not because I am particularly interested but because that is the central focus of their lives and dinner conversation always seems to gravitate towards that. I can tell you without a...
What sort of insolent bastard would ever question the wisdom of our mistakes?We didn't become a country to make friends.
Something you don't see everyday,
Buddhists in Myanmar(Burma) are currently defying stereotypes and have launched a crush/kill/destroy campaign on Muslims in their country. Come to think of it, I haven't seen this story mentioned around here. It is pretty brutal. Oh, and my point being, maybe Buddhists and Muslims aren't on the best of terms right now either. You're on to something with Scientologists though.
The problem with giant dirty cocks is that you never see them coming.
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