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My integrity is intact.
Beat the system, fuck it all.
You went way off the reservation with most of that post so I left it out of the quote, do you actually know that any of what I have quoted of your statements to be true? Did you see my reference to this mornings article in the New York Times Style Section, page 5? Deals with this issue in kind. Not specifically, of course (as we are just talking about it now), but, in kind. By American standards there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the OP handled himself. ...
Leffot got a custom order from EG with the Leffot name stamped on it. (Price: shitload) OP requested the same custom order from EG without the Leffot name stamped on it. (Price: $475 less than a shitload) OP is fucked Am I missing something? If I've learned anything, Leffot is not in touch with the market, thinks they can keep prices artificially high (I'm not saying distro prices but... reasonable), will not go the extra mile (interpret that last one however you would...
Didn't happen to read the NYT Style section this morning, did you ("Knockoff Wars, Round 5", pg. 5 by Eric Wilson)? Not exactly about this but deals with IP rights, stipulations, regulations and what Goddlatte (R-VA) thought the federal government should do about it. I'd make a political statement here about the hypocrisy of Republicans but in MC... it would fall on deaf ears.
I'm glad you made this thread, I hadn't really taken the time to look at this leather. It looks like sinewy chainmail, I like it. Story behind it, little boutique 22 passy charter out of Seattle - so we could go anywhere, few well-to-do fishermen on board. I was trying to feed some ducks bread (still vegetarian-17 years now denying the human condition!), fish was being aggressive with baby ducks. Now that fish is my wallet. Skin came from in front of the dorsal(?),...
This used to be a beautiful Coho but it pissed me off so I had it killed and turned into a wallet at a tannery near Sitka a couple of weeks ago. Fish are assholes. No good light in Seattle today... edit: after posting these I realized they aren't quite big enough to see much detail. I'll take better/detailed pics if anyone cares to see them.
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