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Sounds like you've got some white people problems. Now, these problems are not actually unique to white people. They are just problems commomly reported from first world countries. If the only thing you're worried about being forcibly inserted into your ass is "hopium", you're good.Hiking is a waste of time. I could go on but the main point is that you're dumb, probably young... though the overarching point is that you're dumb. Your optimism sickens me.I TOOK BOTH...
Put the cat in a bag, put the bag in a river. Adopt 3 dogs. Didn't read the thread.
See a doctor or plastic surgeon. Soon.
No. Are you mad I pointed out that you made a post about wanting to punch certain posters just before making a post that qualified you for the exact punishment that you wanted to...uh... exact on others? Huh? Are you? Hmmmmm?
Quit hitting yourself. Quit hitting yourself. Quit hitting yourself.
The context of the post tells me that BBM is not an acronym for Big Beautiful Men but I don't know what it is.
You should probably have this turned into a legacy post. It is only going to get limited activity and participation but contains info that a lot of people (non-members, casual viewers) will benefit from.
In anticipation of "Shark Week" I was watching a doc on sharks where they were frequently referred to as the oceans apex predator. I worked on whale watching boats in the northwest years ago and have seen too many orcas in action to not call bullshit on that claim. So I looked it up and sure enough, footage of a killer whale nonchalantly biting a great white in half. I think this was around Angel Island, one of the videos said that great whites congregate there en masse...
I am looking at an amazing vintage harbor seal hide shawl to cover a small ottoman for my mother at an antique store down the street. It's huge but $450, so... don't know if it is that big of a deal. I haven't handled such thick fur before in my life, quite dear though even in such a perfect condition. Again, if anyone is really that interested, I can go take pictures for the curious but it is a fur not a leather hide. I think I'll post some northern plains buffalo in...
1. Yeah, you started talking about cars.2. I live in Seattle for two months of the year, still get the NYT, even finds its way down to Mexico City... mind fuck, I know.3. Free market goes both ways, agreed. No, no one is right, is that how the expression goes? Or is it...? The customer is always... .... .... something? One syllable? Little help? Anybody?
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