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They're just tan.
Fuckin' piece of shit socialist.I'm getting a coup boner just looking at him.I mean, if he doesn't want the money, he can't want to be president that bad. Right?
He didn't like the Palacio Quemado, huh? LONG LIVE SOCIALIS-...cough... good for him.Sounds like he's a much better socialist president than our socialist president.
I was going to say Evo Morales, in Bolivia, but I couldn't find a picture of the house he lives in after a couple of different searches. I don't think he lives in the old Presidential Palace in La Paz or in the other capital, Sucre, does he? I thought that was a big story that he was choosing more humble accommodations.I'm pretty sure that the president of Uruguay lives in the palace in Monte Video. I sailed over there from Buenos Aires once in the early 2000's and it...
No, I think local people will take jobs that pay a living wage. Hiring illegal immigrants, paying them fair wages and risking the penalties would be a serious disincentive for corporations to continue the practice. Resulting in far fewer people crossing the border illegally and giving already stretched border patrol agents focused funnel points to regulate. If you remove the motivation for illegal immigration you're on the right track to curbing illegal immigration.This...
Start by making the people that employ them pay a living wage in America. Problem solved. NEXT!
No. I don't know if you're trying to bore me or tire me out and then feel like you've won... something(?). If you're not interested in discussing this then don't post or just keep posting the way you are and everyone will lose interest eventually. Whatever.
The fuck are you talking about? I don't write for the DailyKos. I wouldn't go find something from Glenn Beck or Breitbart and ask you to apologize for it.
Does that make him:A.) State socialistB.) Democratic socialistC.) Another power hungry dictator pretending to be socialist to placate his peopleorD.) Libertarian socialist
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