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Okay, we have covered the importance of preparedness.We have discussed the intrinsic value of gold vs. the popularly imposed value of gold.I am starting think that no one is quite sure why people are stockpiling apocalypse gold.Whatever, I never understood the BeanieBabies thing either.
Gold is ductile and non-corrosive. Any value placed on it beyond those two properties is superficial.
I didn't ask about 'preparedness' in general. I asked why they hoard gold in preparation for a world without money.
That's a sad story and perfectly rational, it's quite smart to be prepared for disasters of all shapes and sizes. I still don't understand why the people on 'Doomsday Preppers' and all over the internet are hoarding gold specifically, especially when they have gone to extreme lengths to be entirely autonomous and self-sufficient. They might as well be collecting beads on a string or seashells. Livestock was a good form of currency.
Anti-government nut-jobs.Kardashians.Yes I do.
Are you saying Ron Paul doesn't understand black people?
Yeah, there is a show about them on NatGeo and I was just thinking there was a serious disconnect. They have bunkers, guns, food, supplies... makes sense. They all hoard gold. I don't get that. Why are they collecting something so impractical, and, should their prediction come to pass, worthless. I've got gold, it's never come in handy.Why?No. I mean, probably not. Can't really burn gold for warmth though either.Anyway. as I said I was just hoping for a quick...
Why? Who are you, Bill Clinton now? You know what harm means. I just wanted to know if Rnoldh was asking a very broad question or if it was directly related to the article (which I am not going to read.) If it's about the article then I am going to skip posting here and get back to work tricking my neighbors into thinking that their house is haunted.
Just to make sure we're all on the same page here, nobody in this thread believes that burning fossil fuels does any harm to the environment, right?
DISCLAIMER: I am well aware that most of you think Glenn Beck is an idiot and I'm not trying to lump any of you in with him but maybe you can explain the rationale, If there is a major social/economic collapse as a very few, very vocal groups have suggested, what good is gold? I mean intrinsic value. Why would I trade a useful possession (food, gas, tools) of mine for gold? A google search delivered page after page of Doomsday Preppers and articles about the recent dip...
New Posts  All Forums: