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In all honesty, I am just hoping that Pio weighs in. "Japan’s Kobe cows were the original tipplers, known to indulge in the occasional frothy beer to stimulate their appetites. Some southern Japanese farmers even used booze as a superficial primer, dabbing their cows’ hides with sake to improve the skin’s appearance and softness. But now the boozed-up bovines have...
Men don't have feelings in America nor do men touring under an American passport. You should see a doctor about that... maybe drink iodine or something.Who the fuck are you? You have to be above 1,000 posts to talk to Smooches like that. Know your place.
Responded in p.m.
Great seller, great price, would do it again.
I've replied to p.m.
Oh, OK. Thanks. I don't give a shit. Nobody tells me how to talk. NOBODY.
Not sure why but, I've been thinking about it and, this post came off as being incredibly callous and naive. I may try to incorporate it into my own life.
I am now certain that you are not from Mogadishu or Monrovia.
I wouldn't worry too much about it as all Republicans are going to hell for false-idolatry anyway. There has to be some religion that worships money, maybe you should find that?
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