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I'm correct in assuming that you have already decided that Zimmerman is innocent of a crime?
Well, since our courts are entertaining Zimmerman's bullshit I would like to offer you a racist with delusions of grandeur and Munchausen syndrome to judge.
I'm starting to wonder if you even are the real Eddie Vedder.
Did anyone at Fox News proof-read this article to make sure it wouldn't be interpreted as some twisted, rambling anti-American tirade?'Lady Liberty, you ignorant slut!'What a fucking joke.
I missed this. Makes perfect sense. I hope people are all on the same page with the gold thing post-apocalypse. I am going to pick AOL start-up discs for my arbitrary currency of choice.
People used to commerce in livestock (beasts of labor/source of leather, meat, milk), people used to get paid in salt. Whale blubber, comely maidens. What about energy cubes?! Currency has not always been symbolic.The point I really want to drive home at this point in the thread is that I don't give a shit about any of this.I should have started this thread in DT -- where people get me.
They're after his gold.
Because I figured that at least three of those people posted in CE. It looks like it's just Ataturk though, and he's not saying.
I don't know, the really racist one.
I do, it has sentimental value and I like the way it looks.It will not purify water.It will not grow crops.It does not deter zombies.I can't eat it.It doesn't keep me warm.It doesn't any of that shit they say it does in Lord of the Rings.It would be ineffective against Zuul and the StayPuftMarshmellowMan.I can't fuck it.It isn't funny.It is too soft to defend yourself with.etc.The question is, once again, why do people preparing for doomsday, the apocalypse, the end of...
New Posts  All Forums: