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This thread reminds me of when Old Dirty Bastard changed his name to Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant. It started out discussing issues concerning transparent moderation but now it's about dim-sum. I'm fine with this.
I'm not sure how many Mods there are now and I don't know what the Dubiously Honored title means but would someone please ban all the members that disagree with me politically?
Did you mean "circle jerk of life"? Was this a trick question? Was there a XXX version of the 'Lion King' off-broadway?
I know being technical ruins comments like this but, last I heard, he was in the Beacon Hill, Skyline, Renton area. Sorry. Maybe Columbia City.
Probably in an area of Seattle known as 'Hate City' or 'Lake City'. It runs from NE 76th to Lake Washington and is quite nice for certain stretches.
+1, I'm not sure if I am interpreting the post Bhowie made accurately but this forum is sloughing off members to blogs, diminished interest and tumblrs at a good rate, I used to come here for information with banter being an added incentive. Now I just come for banter, rarely, and the rest bores me. Too bad to see this happen because I think J. is alright in real life but, diversifying moderation as the forum has grown, diminished the level and standard of moderation...
I come back to this forum for a couple of weeks a few times a year because I think there are some genuinely funny or stupid people in DT and MC. I gave up on the style aspect of this place a long time ago. I'm still interested in the subject but SF is not somewhere I'd go for any useful information or ideas anymore.
"Bumblebee Tuna" Mephiskapheles: "Hoosier Love" MU330
Oooohhh, he's got PFV. It all makes sense now. I hope he goes quietly, in his sleep. Poor little guy.
I am interested in one thread where he seems to be squatting the center of a Venn diagram consisting of football, child molestation and denial. There has to be a word that encapsulates both delighted and horrified... it's not coming to me but those are the feelings he has conjured in my limited exposure to his amazing and aggressive brand of ignorance.
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