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You got hossed, bitch! You've got hoss all over yourself. I'm probably hossing you right now and you don't even know it! And don't try to FLMountainMan me, it's anticipated and preparations have been made.
Everything is democracy in America, motherfucker. EVERYTHING. It's probably the law. I should sue everybody just because you said that. Go to North Korea or Iran or somewhere horrible if you're going to think like that.
I was editing my post as you wrote this. As I have no idea as to the nature of the initial conflict, I missed out on the background/context of the animosity. I just thought the way Stitches framed his advice was generally un-democratic.And you are absolutely right.
Also, to clarify, I don't think Stitches is boring but think his advice to French to defer to members with 'clout' would make the forum more boring. That said, I have no idea what the original issue was.
This immediately made me think of 'FLMountainManning' someone, which is funny.
I disagree with everything.Is there an actionable verb for 'boring'? As in 'inflicting boredom on others'. I can think of different ways to phrase it but the perfect word for it is elusive. I don't mean just 'this is a boring conversation' or 'boring movie' but a situation where one is intentionally boring the other? Like a drive-by shooting or a mugging but instead of using a gun the perpetrator bores you and is only rewarded by your dissatisfaction.
I guess I wasn't around for the previous incarnation of Frenchy, who is he and why is he so awesome? Like a 'Great Posters-Behind the Posts'. Oh shit, someone needs to make that thread.
Your avatar makes me think fuck you.
'Prick' is allowed to be in a title given to sugarbutch but you will not allow the 'PUSSY' in the 'coward and p*ssy' title you have given me? That's biased and I'm calling Gloria Allred. I'm not joking either, this is my new pet project. Acquiesce or lawyer up. I'll take you for all you're worth.
This is trans. mod. Apparently this is what the moderators care most about, I find the honesty refreshing.
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