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Whether in prison or on the street, I anticipate George Zimmerman will fall victim to the same misguided justice he meted out to Trayvon Martin. C'est la vie.
His people probably would have preferred those to the chemical weapons Assad opted for.
I'm so sorry you had to witness that moment of temporary bad temper! We're not usually like that.
No, I was just playing along. Surely you're not stupid enough to make any sort of judgment call based on a report like that from Fox News.
I'm not trying to be a dick here or start any shit-talking but I think a few integral parts of your brain are still rotting in your mothers womb. I hope we're still cool. Because, you know, whatever.
I hope the parents get deported back to Russia and the infant gets placed with responsible caretakers. Maybe you prefer a baby to die of negligence than abortion?
The name is Pete Williams.We'll track them down someday.
It's a crowded field, has been for years. I just joined out of curiosity but, to be honest, I'll sign pretty much anything.
He's probably holding out for a blow job from Ron Paul. Ron Paul lurrvs dictators.
I don't much care if he shoots his computer or if he stabs it. Styleforum wins either way.
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