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If you're gonna be dumb then you gotta be tough.
I love the patina, elegant decay and hints of faded glory in places like Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Rugged coastlines make my heart beat faster especially when they are crowded into a vista with mountains and islands like they are around here (PNW).
Can we have a 'B/S/T: Boat, Engine, Sail, Misc.' section or maybe a regionalized version (for convenience)? I don't know much about computer programming but I can't imagine that taking more than a minute or two. Thank you in advance for actually being cool for once.
Satanists have a shitload of holidays. Ritual Days Jan. 01 No name (SA) Jan. 07 St. Winebald Day (DA, SA, EE) Jan. 13 Satanic New Year (S1; Note 1) Jan. 17 Satanic Revels (DA, SA, EE) Feb. 01 Olmelc (S2) Feb. 02 Candlemas, Satanic Revels (HS, DA (Note 2),SA, EE) Feb. 25 St. Walpurgis Day (DA, SA, EE) Mar. 01 St. Eichatadt (DA, EE) Mar. 20 Equinox Feast Day (DA, EE) Mar. 21 Spring Equinox (S2, DA, SA) Apr. 21 to 26...
Religious, political or Hallmark?I'm voting for Christian, American and fuck yeah!
That's catchy. It also applies to my body.
Jizz mopper/Spank booth. Never broke into the majors.
Can the '14 dead in Aurora' be re-titled 'Latest Mass Shooting' or something to that effect ? It already is in everything but name. With the increasing regularity of the incidences it would be convenient for people who want to discuss these events to know where to find people that are already talking about it. It is a really sad comment on the state of events in the US that it would even occur to me to make a suggestion like that.
Nope. That shit's like baseball and Marilyn Monroe.
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