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Sharp featured, much less facial hair, slight, less colorful and less relaxed clothing. I just expected less.
This is not what I thought you'd look like.
It's a crowded field, has been for years. I just joined out of curiosity but, to be honest, I'll sign pretty much anything.
...and maids. Just kidding, maids are fair game. At least, I've always thought so.
Looks like you have to join to find out. As someone who drops by SF very sporadically, the changes made around here haven't been gradual for me, and they are drastic. I'm not upset by the changes but StyleForum certainly ain't the bitch I started fucking in '05/'06 anymore.
I don't know, man. Why is anyone born with a disability? Thanks for calling attention to it though, real classy.
Ha! You cad!
You. The only thing worse than a narc is a narc that isn't exactly sure what he's talking about.
I'm guessing he's liberal, hilarious, brilliant and uppity or Pio wouldn't think it was me. Pio probably forgot over one of my long sabbaticals from SF that I don't wear socks. I'm actually a little surprised that Pio is back here complaining about me, I didn't think we had any real substantive conflicts over the past few days. Whatever. YOLO.
I realized that I also seem to always return just days before a national tragedy, you know. I'm with Piorethra, it's like... what?!?! Somebody better get to the bottom of me.
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