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nepenthes nyc has 30% off a decent amount of stuff, not sure if this would apply to email/phone purchases. got a floral shirt and a few pocket squares last week.
i am really not feeling the metal anchors securing the buttons on the jackets this season. had two fall off of the camo bedford pretty easily (easily remedied, though) and i find it looks funny having this metal hook and loop showing when unbuttoned. removed the top one completely
your jeans is too tight son also buy more jeans and rotate
have a mini polkadot andover in S.. not interested in selling but would be willing to trade for ghurka peacocks in 32
pretty much slept on these but any help finding the peacock Ghurka shorts in 32 would be greatly appreciated.
i guess we on a different planet cause i've never been called overweight and my bmi is 23. which is guess is overweight from model thin standards... but if i'm overweight then you morbid obese broi mean seriously? this some funny shit actually. have to say all of yall is pretty entertaining.
care to elaborate? oh wait actually don't bother
MMM 5zip considering return cause wanna get red double rider instead (if i can find a junya x vanson one in M). also prefer a brighter red than "bordeaux" color.. too many middle aged french canadian women walking around rocking this color here in montreal..
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