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Many Asian immigrants, particularly Chinese, will go by a second, westernized name in order to more readily assimilate. My friend Xiao, for example, goes by Tony.
hey, at least they dress up at your church Quote: Originally Posted by ThaHero Gary Payton has looked very strange lately, and what's worse is with Chuck's leave of absence Payton has been getting additional airtime on TNT, when usually he is on NBA TV. His lapels are always comical and look like the wings of a dove or something, and his collars are always super wide. I think a lot of people at my church(black church fwiw) get their fashion cues...
Bought a pair of AE Delray and Kennett from randallr (distinctive footware). They are in excellent condition and came quickly (that's what she said). I'm very happy with the purchase and happy to have bought the shoes Bought a tie from idfnl. I was very happy with it and his communication. Bought 3 pocket squares from stamp0102 and they arrived on time as expected. Very happy with the purchase. Bought 3 ties from spertia. They arrived as expected and was happy with...
a tie without a jacket just makes me think you took off your jacket cause it was hot
I've got a braided belt, a couple of sweaters, and a striped shirt from Target that fit quite nice and haven't fallen apart yet.
It's really a sad story in a way. The loss of what was once a great American company of craftsmen.
You did ok, but if only you had ordered a different model that was discontinued and seconded in a different color in a different size from an outlet store in Wisconsin you could have paid almost double and gotten them brand new. Just remember that for next time and maybe you won't make the same mistake twice.
That's very cool, I'm surprised no one wanted this. I thought there were some real dandy types out there. Any pictures of the pistol grip one?
At first I didn't like the last one, but I changed my mind. They give you a kind of Rivers Cuomo vibe. I rather like all of them.
I've only been around for a couple of months, shorter than you have, and I've seen some very good brands sell for great prices, used and new, on the Buy and Sell Forum here. If you just check up on the board every couple of days for suits in your size you'll find some good quality. There's eBay too of course. Just make sure you've got your measurements down and know what can and can't be changed on the suits you're buying. I'd also check out stores like TJMaxx or...
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