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The AE website pictures are terrible. They only look vaguely like the actual shoes they sell, and the colors are all off.
I've been looking for the same myself
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 A hot chick. Everything else is unnecessary when you got the above. pack o' magnums
Check out this thread over on the buy & sell board by distinctive. He's got some great prices on good merchandise. Try and find a style that you like in your size and ask him for some pictures.
They're just very nice cufflinks. There's a high retail price on them too, at least $325 for the best of class ones.
TJ Maxx got a shipment of Robert Talbott cufflinks right after Christmas for $50. Everyone ran out and bought them, then sold them here. There were these skull ones that were the most popular and sold quite well. The styleforum market got saturated with them, some people showed off their cufflink cases, and now the links are all gone.
lol, southern prep, west coast prep
Someone buy those Tramezzas for God's sake. I bought a couple of the ties and bdbb is a great seller, very accommodating.
Thanks to bdbb. He was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. He even facilitated a transaction between myself and another one of his buyers from which he didn't even benefit at all. The items also arrived fairly quickly. Completely trustworthy and a great seller IMO.
Great stuff, too bad there's nothing in my size
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