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Does anyone know of a brand that sells sweaters with a thinner neck and longer arms? I was browsing the Ted Baker sale at Gilt and was reminded how annoying it is for me to find sweaters that fit. My arm length and chest would fit at least a L, probably an XL for the sleeves (35"). My neck is more like a S (15"). I really want a couple of V-necks and crew necks that fit properly and are of reasonable quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Funny, I secretly want one of these too. Ha, so do I
Asics for me.
Thanks, I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I should have figured it was too big before I bought it. It's a nice sports coat too
BNIB Magnanni black shoes, made in Spain. Size US: 10M, EU: 43 1/2, standard width. They've got a beveled sole, whatever that's actually called, which I love. I also don't know the model name. These look sharp. I'll return them to the store if no one wants them. These actually fit me well, a standard 10D, but I've decided that I prefer the English aesthetic (and need the money for grad school). $225 Only price drop BNWT Hart Schaffner Marx. 100% wool worsted. 2...
You know, I don't think it's as bad as these pictures show. Maybe I should just take it to the tailor and see what she thinks about the back.
There's a proper pair of pants. The flash is quite bright. If it's not obvious, the 2nd button got caught in the 2nd picture. If it's just the waist that's the problem, which I know is one anyway, I can take it in as I usually do. But if it's the shoulders too, I'll have to put it back up for sale. I'd like to make it work, if possible, since it is a nice jacket I'll put those jeans on the to-do list.
I'm not too concerned about the shortness. It's exaggerated by the excessively baggy jeans I was wearing. I got them when my thighs were a lot bigger while I was rowing regularly, but they kind of sag a lot now. Needless to say they don't see the outside world much. My real concern is the bunching in the back and right under the sleeve. I also don't know if it could use more waist suppression
Not to bore all you guys with something better to do, but I'm sure most of you don't have anything to do anyway. Sorry for my baggy jeans. The sleeves are also the same length, that's just me messing with the sleeve a little. I'm more worried about the upper back. Are the shoulders too big?
very nice jacket
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