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Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte here's the scarf if you want it-- There ya go. Even if it's just a good fake, you'd get what you want out of it.
I'd suggest heading to Macy's or a similar store and picking out a simple, clean looking quartz watch. If you really want something that you can lose and not feel terrible about that should do. Something like a $45 Timex.
Nordstrom and Macys should have a handful of cheap ($10-$15) solid silk pocket squares. It should be pretty easy to find some white linens there too.
Conan's got a tough body to fit, even for mtm. I can cut him a little slack.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian TM Lewin keeps it all in GBP so you don't get hosed like you would from CT. A proxy works though, small service fee + additional shipping cost from the proxy. *EDIT* I believe TM Lewin's sale is through this weekend. After the removal of VAT, coupon code, shipping, and conversion, it comes out to around $26 per shirt. I have to get the sides taken in on their Slim Fit line so add another $10-15 on that and...
Big fan of that red leaves tie
It was only a short time ago that they made quality shoes. My dad has worn them forever and is quite loyal to the brand. I imagine that it will happen to AE someday too.
Added more sports coats
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni it's badass. I'd pair it with a russion style fur hat. +1 no doubt. Not outdated at all
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