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Congrats, I'm impressed. A nice website would go a long, long way imo
hospital slippers
I'll have to give them a shot
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday ^That's why I like the 501s. No visible pockets/boxers. Do you know if they are the "deconstructed white" ones on Levi's website or perhaps those "snow white ones on
I decided against the Uniqlo jeans. They fit ok and are nice and light weight, certainly lighter than the gap ones. The only problem is that they're a little too sheer. I've noticed that seems to be a big problem with white jeans. Plus they're 3% spandex. More than 1% (even that much) tends to loosen up and lose its form after a couple of washings. I was a little disappointed as I wanted some other jeans but they were out of my size in the colors I wanted, surprising...
What the heck is Topshop?
I got the Gap ones. They're white, but not super bright. The quality is nice for the price point, and they look good, but I'm not a fan of the low rise. I'm going to buy the Levi's (Deconstructed White) and compare, returning one. The other Levi's from are cheaper but I don't like that they're "snow white." It sounds like they're blindingly white Edit: Actually, I changed my mind. I'm going to head down to Uniqlo tomorrow and pick up a pair of the S001...
So I’ve got some brand new Faconnable and Robert Talbott Best of Class ties for sale. I tried to pick the best ones I saw. The price is $43 per tie, $80 if you buy two. Shipping included to the US, add on whatever the usual premium is to send to Canada, I assume it's only a couple of bucks. I accept Paypal. Faconnable by Breuer 1. Navy with gray diamond stripes, 3.75” at widest point, 100% silk with a nice strong texture 2. Lavender with white diamond stripes, 3”...
Dropped prices
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