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I got the Levi's. The fit is the regular 501 obviously and the color is pure white. The Gap jeans are a heavier weight denim and probably higher quality. I prefer the Gap's off-color white and contrast stitching, but then again, they are still low-rise. I'll probably return the Gap jeans and these Levi's and buy the deconstructed white Levi's instead. I don't mind some minor distressing, and I'll probably prefer the color. I'm not too worried about the quality of the...
Price drop.
The Colton is a nice choice imo. The fact that it is a blucher is largely irrelevant.
The moral of that story is to dress appropriately. You don't want your doctor to treat you as if they were a business man, so they shouldn't dress like one when dealing with you. I'm not a fan of fanciful ties unless I relate to them in some way. For example I sail, so I like wearing ties with sailboats on them.
Damn, I'll be out of town. Hopefully there'll still be something good when I get back.
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum +1 on the GAPs, they look great. Perfect off-white IMO. Some people don't like the selvage, but I think it's a nice and rarely seen, as it's usually covered up by shirt/sweater, detail. The cut is nice, pretty slim straight leg, quite a bit slimmer than 501s. Off the rack they're somewhat baggy, but they shrink A LOT. Two negatives though: - Low rise. I'm not really a fan of it. I've gotten more used to it...
I've got no idea, but 5' 6" is short anywhere
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Small men. That means all the <30" waisted men, <36R men, <5' 6" men. There does seem to be an abnormally large percentage of tiny people posters
Quote: Originally Posted by PLaydice They make RL polos in pima cotton too you know..... They have mercerized pima cottons at marshalls all the time for 20$ At least get an ashworth polo from ross or something.... I usually just go to Marshalls and see what they have for Polos. There's always some RLs. JCrew and Banana Republic usually have a bunch on their sale racks too for about $20.
I'll say this. I've never seen more gay guys in one place than when I was at Uniqlo today. Take that as you will.
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