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There may be a "J Crew" look, but it's a good look anyway. I'm always impressed when I browse their catalog.
Why would you want your groomsmen to match you? IMO you should stand out.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 Would love to be able to tuck in button downs with denim and cords. I only think this looks good if you're relatively tall, skinny and have a long torso. Unfortunately, I'm 5'8", lean but athletic build and my torso is normal, if not slightly short in comparison to my legs word
I've always liked argyle patterns in muted shades, but they seem to be unpopular here in favor of bright colors, not that I care. Charcoal, gray, navy, tan, burgundy, and brown are all fairly conservative colors that should match almost any suit you've got. I'd avoid skin tone as much as I'd avoid white.
Price: $140 Retail at $325 As seen below:
I think the general problem is the fused construction and price tag. The cut is ok as far as modern looks go, but if you want a designer look you can get it elsewhere for less or of a higher quality (rlbl, Armani). This forum tends to value the classics more. I don't mind them myself, if the price is right. I'd much rather have a Boss suit than a Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, or DKNY. But I'd rather have a high end Armani suit than a Boss.
What would you wear to Hitler's funeral?
I thought this would be about hamburgers
I think I like the first two with a simple preppy look and under a sweater. They're way too loud to be out in the open. At least the pattern's not psychedelic, which would be a lot worse IMO.
I second the three-piece suit. You always look ready to work in a vest. Though I guess that misses the whole point of trying to save money.
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