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These things are everywhere except when you need them
I've been out of NYC for a couple of years now, so forgive me if I am wrong, but has the bed bug epidemic made thrift stores somewhat more undesirable?
Try the Streetwear forum, it fits better in that section. Though it's obviously not a very clear photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Trocadero, in all its squat ugliness, resembles a neo-fascist monument from Hitler's Berlin. I guess it's okay if you like being harassed by African immigrants selling eiffel tower keychains and counterfeit purses. It reminds me of Rome's Victor Emmanuel National Monument in its pomposity
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Ignore anyone who says they have a favourite café or restaurant: only tourists have these and shockingly, they always happen to be the first serviceable place within 10 minutes of their hotel. In fact, ignore anyone who tells you that you "have to" or "should" see/do/experience anything, it's inevitably just bragging about what they've done instead of intended to be good advice. I recommend you avoid the first 8...
eh, so-so IMO. The paisley's ok I guess, but I don't know if I like it in plain yellow or pink.
Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio Is it OK to wear running shoes with jeans? Don't get those sneakers. They look bad and are useless for running. Half of America has them because for some ridiculous reason they want shoes that scream out gray.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nexus6 I am terribly sorry, I am glad you like it. To me it looks very sinister. I got chills. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's certainly interesting, and I doubt you'll ever run into someone else with a similar watch. I feel like you'd have trouble reading the time.
A Batman cape myself. It has a hood with a mask attached.
What are your thoughts on Rugby jeans? I saw faded red and brown pairs in the store the other day but didn't have time to try them on. The colors seemed interesting, and fairly rare, particularly the red. They were around $100, not on sale. I should note that I'm not looking for really skinny jeans
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